Glad to be Alive!

by Therese
(Toowoomba Qld)

Thank you Lois & Tony!
For your efforts to gather the SLG-ites! I appreciate you.

I was introduced to nurturing your Spirit cds in 2008 by a dear friend & have devoured all Arthur's "stuff" since. God is working thru Arthur in the teachings on blessing the human Spirit, 7 Curses, Redemptive Gifts,& more. These teachings have saved our lives!

God's kindness towards us has been immense! We have been so very broken; spirit, soul & body & God has taught us so much in our own lives, embraced us & we have been able to pass on such Hope to others.

It is a privilege & astounding considering how pathetic & inept we often feel to speak to & bless a person's spirit & see their eyes light up as their spirit is finally acknowledged & approved of is like being part of a resurrection! To be able to impart to someone the positives of their redemptive gift and to inspire them that they ARE designed by God for good & greatness & WE can see it in them in this way, & this way gives people such hope!

We are still learning and it will never end. Hopefully we will be able to catch up with others of you!

May God's Great Kindness be real & literal for each of you today!!

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