get grounded

what is in your toolbox for grounding?

what is in your toolbox for grounding?

how grounded are you when things yank your soul?

how grounded are you when the environment around you is unstable?

can your spirit hold you stable and solid when your soul is NOT ok?

what is in your toolbox for grounding?

i am learning how important and beneficial grounding is in the natural. there has been more and more evidence why the beach has healing properties other than its aesthetic beauty. humor me, the beach is my happy place.

* beaches have an impact on our mental health helping us to unwind and recharge.
* the air is charged healthy negative ions that help to put us at ease. these negative ions balance serotonin levels producing a natural
antidepressant effect.
* walking barefoot on the sand absorbs the free ions in the earth helping us to feel grounded.
* there are high minerals in the water; magnesium, potassium, iodine helping us fight infection, heal and detoxify.
* swimming and other water sport decreases anxiety and depression and helps with chronic illness.

i put all this out there because what it says to me is that God has put in the earth ways for us to heal. there is so much more to explore and discover and it excites me to the core.

when i think of what is inside my toolbox for grounding, i think outside the box. God has strategically placed me close to the beach knowing how much this environment would bring me healing. especially having lived in a very hostile environment.

as well as the natural benefits noted above, the ocean has immersed and imprinted upon my spirit beauty. this is a major tool in my toolkit. it is like a transfusion from spirit to soul on a regular basis. it is one of many tools.

can you share something that keeps you grounded? or that you are exploring?

i bless you with fresh eyes to see the resources the Father has prepared for you as an anchor when the environment around you is unstable. he is the rock and is far better at equipping us to stand even when the ground below us is shaking.

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Apr 29, 2018
Solid rock?
by: Joan

Remembering words from long ago,
'On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.'
... and I ponder.

Solidity of the Rock... yay! THE ROCK!

But, who made the sand that sinks and shifts, making lovely squeaky sounds as it squeezes between our toes?
Of course I'm thinking of the lovely white beach sand of my home coastline, sea-washed and mineral-rich... and endowed with that voice to sing as we walk on its dry saltiness!

That soft sand and I have been distant for a long time because my knees protest too much, but my spirit yearns for it! There is a plan B though! The sound of the seashore is an on-ramp to God as well! Amazing isn't it!

There is a particular beach about two hours away that draws me at times for that re-charging! All the 'S's, Sea Song, Surf Sounds, Singing Squeaky Sand (from others), Sunrises, Sunsets... and somehow I'm renewed and refilled with another dose of AWE of my God. Anticipating, celebrating and recalling these spirit joys is one way I am re-grounded!

Then there is that amazing verse of Ephesians 6 verse 13 where it speaks of being able to stand our ground when all seems lost-- and we have pulled every tool out of our toolbox to no avail. We are exhorted to STAND! Standing as tall as we can manage... but STAND!

Yes to stand on that two square feet of solid ground that is in reality, the ROCK of the solid foundational strength of the Word!

You know, when we have done our 'all', He is there for us! Isn't that neat!

Two of my tools! The Rock, and His sand!

Apr 30, 2018
blessings from sydney
by: lois

thank you, Joan. that having done all, STAND, is a place of dignity for me as well. God knows all we have done (even if no one else does) and he stands with us in our most dire times of trial.

glad we share our ocean experiences. a kindred spirit indeed.

and thank you for the beach info you sent that i used here!

May 01, 2018
I love this!
by: Jane

Thanks Lois
This is very special
Love Jane

May 06, 2018
Jetty cusp
by: Emilie

The ocean is most definitely my happy place, as well. When I need to deeply connect with Father, and regenerate to face or deal with a life altering circumstance, I rock-hop out to the end of a jetty (west coast) so that there is ocean on 3 sides of me within feet, and the city seems miles away. Waves splash all around me, sometimes dolphins swim by. I sit there for an unmeasured amount of time, soaking in God's power, love, ultimate design and control, stunning creativity...breathing the truth of it all in.

May 07, 2018
a kindred spirit
by: lois

wow, Emilie. i am so there. yes, it is a world unto its self and everything else does seem so far away. such an amazing source of healing. thank you for sharing this with us.

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