by Gayle Miller
(Jersey Shore; Pennsylvania, USA)

Dear Study Group: I am beyond excited for this group. I have just run across SLG coaching and Sapphire leadership group and the Redemptive gifts a few years ago. I have listened to all the cd'S once. I believe that my Redemptive gift is exhorter and my husband's is teacher. The devil has been trying to take me out and shut me up for years. And now I know why he was trying to stop me from operating in my Redemptive gift. I'm thankful and grateful for Arthur Burk and his teachings it gives me more Tools in my toolbox to get people healed and delivered and to teach them to walk in Freedom and to give them the life of Jesus.

Thank you for this. I don't always have time to sit down and listen because I work and I'm pretty busy but I try to take the time to do this. I don't know anyone in my small town that does this but everything I learned I go out and try to minister to people. I'm kind of a groundbreaker around here and it's not easy but I have seen people set free and learn to walk in their god-given destiny. This is so much fun. Looking forward to learning much.

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Aug 11, 2016
by: Denise

Hi Gayle,
Welcome! I'm loving this journey too.
I laughed when you said the enemy was trying to shut you up... Because in my view, he has chosen a totally loosing battle, exhorters are NOT to be "shut-up". 😊
I see exhorters as full of life and joyfully verbally expressive so I'm sure you give the enemy a run for his money. Keep up the good job!

Blessing on your week!
Im south of you in Virginia near the beach,

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