from the book, Blessing Your Soul

by lois



~ a blessing from the life of Samuel, redemptive gift of teacher ~

the story:

Samuel was a legend in his own time. His love of God and faithfulness in serving him was over the top. Aspiring spiritual giants wanted to be like him- the ultimate blend of priest and prophet.

It was baffling to the general public, though, how a man this close to God could turn a blind eye to the sins of his sons. Why did he leave them in the priestly/judicial office when they were so horribly, obviously, openly corrupt? There were no answers.

Since they did not want to confront Samuel over his passivity, they demanded a change of structure, thereby making the problem a whole lot worse.

1 Samuel 8-10

the principle: A wrong response to pain is not the solution to a leadership problem.

a blessing:

Dear Soul,

Have you ever been there? Isn't it wild how someone can be in touch with God in ways we only dream about while being so paralyzed about the lack of integrity on his team?

If you have been through the melee of a board fight or church split over the issue of integrity in leadership, I bless you with the courage to see where you were wrong and not just see the sins of the other parties. As you clear your conscience before God for doing too much, it will help you heal from leaders who did too little.

*after you have read this post, take a minute to review what you have learned about the teacher and comment about this amazing man of God and his weakness.

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Dec 16, 2016
Thanks anonymous
by: Jane

Thanks! I didn't get that either. God has been speaking to me about Samuel and I couldn't figure out why, until now. God is so good! I open internet pages on my phone and go through them later when I have time and there it is was. Thank you so much!

Aug 20, 2016
good insight
by: lois

yes, there was Eli. poor fathering never is an excuse but certainly adds to the mix of the tools Samuel was missing to parent well.

Aug 20, 2016
Eli role model????
by: Sharon

I heard it years ago said that because of the priest Eli was not a good father role model, Samuel walked in his same foot steps that he was modelled by Eli.

But reading through about the teacher maybe it was also too the weakness of his gifting shining through and Samuel not wanting to move forward for God in this area.

Aug 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

"Since they did not want to confront Samuel over his passivity, they demanded a change of structure, thereby making the problem a whole lot worse."

I remembered the story of the people crying out for a King but I didn't piece it together relating his corrupt sons being the real reason.

In all the gifts there is great potential and great weakness. I am appreciating the spelling out of these and even the warning. As we see here the consequences affected many. The holy man of God, yet...

It leads me to take action and to pray for others (my children) so that they will be ready in the day of battle by the daily choices they make.

Thank you so much for posting this.

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