From Failure... to God's way!

by Joan

Having practiced certain mindsets so often that they seemed ok...

NOT God's Covenant way!
So shocked as I found everything was round the wrong way! It wasn't God letting me down ... it was ME... judging him!
Now is a time un-learning! Changing gears as it were!
But I am!

These studies have woken me up Lois! Treasures!
Been listening to Fractal of 2 on MP3 at night as well!
And seems that they're picking up the slack and being a brilliant part of the team now they are involved more and more!

Come and peep with me as I journey in this truth...

A door cracked open and I could see
Someone inside beckoning me
Beckoning me to come on in
Dare I push on the door and walk right in

My hand I raise and I gently touch
It’s a heavy old door so I give it a nudge
The hinges creak as it budges a bit
My shoulder is next so I lean on it

Welcoming hand reaches out
Come on in! I hear the shout!
Come on in, there’s treasure galore
Come, my daughter, there’s so much more

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Aug 08, 2019
a breath of fresh air
by: lois

you always add such richness where ever you go, Joan. thank you for taking the time to post this extravagant blessing for us all.

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