Lord, you alone have the power to forgive. To lift off the burden of guilt, the burden of all sin, rebellion and iniquity not only for me but for those in my generational line. The family tree is a twisted one full of corruption, malice and deceit. It has left a wake of devastation on all the lives on which it has fallen. It has fallen as a weight from which there has been no reprieve. You have said in your word that there comes a time when your wrath is turned away and you establish an end to our punishment. I am asking for that now. Work has been done. Investment has been made. The cost has been high.

For I have been born out of your suffering side and have shared the guilt and shame of a people. I have experienced their grief. You have carried it all to the cross, nailing it there for all time. Will you not lift off this burden from a history past and into the future generations.

I appeal to the God of vindication, who has never once turned a blind eye. Who never once turned a deaf ear to the cries of his people. Who was rather moved by the intense emotion of compassion for us and rage of anger at your enemy for the evil that has ensued over many a year. How long, O Lord? It is time for you to act. Arise, and take your rightful place, upon your throne of mercy and grace. Pronounce your judgment, let your glory be shown, till all the earth bows before your throne.

Bring to bear your finest compensation, as we walk in your forgiveness. May you give us gladness in proportion to the years we have been afflicted, experiencing the blessings like a river flowing thru our family line. If there was a pool of toxic waste then surely there is a treasure? Surely there IS a treasure. Unstop the wells and let the treasure hidden in darkness arise. The treasure the enemy went to great pains to hide. May we have ample time to unpack all that is there. Sorrow turns to joy. Mourning to dancing. Never ending. Redeeming, restoring, reclaiming.. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. For he is from eternity past and will remain for the eternity to come. Faithful is our King!

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