for the kingdom
chapter 14

In this last chapter, For the Kingdom, we are going to see an even bigger picture in our connecting to time than for our individual freedom. To do this, let's go back and take a look at a piece of history.

Before the Industrial Revolution, we see time as organic. In this agrarian society people lived by the sun and the seasons. Time was hailed as a divine prerogative and not to be tampered with. This was part of God's design for the universe. Much was lost as time became a commodity through discontent, greed and lust for power. Time was tamed as people moved farther away from the cadence of seasons and forced time to fit their own agendas. (read Daniel 7:25)

For this reason, we have lost much. Into this mindset were we born and it is hard to realize how much control we believe we have over time. We no longer see ourselves as a part of a bigger flow of time. Rather we see our lives in compartments. Technology has been embraced as a way to communicate in a greater variety but far shallower ways as we think one hundred friends on Facebook is a meaningful existence.

The result? There is less and less continuity and depth in our engagement with life. There is such a fast pace in which things are moving, so much stimuli, it is hard to engage deeply anywhere. 

The enemy can do alot of damage in a culture that has no roots. Is he preparing for or already engaged in a monumental manipulation of time spoken of in the book of Daniel? This is about our King's battle with His ancient enemy. The people he can send to war are those who can stand anchored emotionally and spiritually, confident and filled with the power of his eternal ideas: God's fingerprints in your story and the eternity of His nature expressed on this earth.

Where do we begin? With our own lives. The ways you choose to restore the role of divine time in your life will make a difference. This becomes our personal responsibility.

How does each of our stories communicate the nature of God? It is possible for the presence of God to be so strong inside of us that it can transform the reality outside of us.

How can God use us to utterly destroy the false reality the enemy is trying to build? May He continue to reveal to us new truths about Himself about time and our lives.

questions to explore

  1. Having read the chapter, For the Kingdom, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?
  2. What role can you have in the war against the enemy’s manipulation of time?  Where can you begin today in your individual life?
  3. What area(s) of your culture can you see where the relationship to time is fragmented?
  4. How is the eternity of the nature of God being expressed through your story?  What does that look like in your daily life?  How is it a tool in His hands?  

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