first fruits

by lois

i wanted to talk about first fruits. (it's not even in the notes, i know!) it is important for all the gifts but especially for the prophet. Arthur spoke about a time he was heading up a prayer network, the work of the kingdom was high but low and behold his intimacy with God was plummeting. interesting indeed. it was because "the person we take our first fruits of emotions to (joy or pain) is the one we become intimate with."

see psalm 25:1 To you, O LORD, I lift my soul. how Arthur gets this teaching from this verse is superlative. i just read it and move on..but i am learning.

this has been truly a bonding experience in my life and i can see the the outworkings of this even though i had no language or knew i was scoring big by this action.
at a time when pain was high and no human was going to be able to cope on a regular basis with my thrashings; oh yes, 'to you o Lord, do i indeed lift up my soul..'

i also love swimming and walking the beach as many of you know, and when joy is high and believe me it is high tide indeed, there too do i lift my emotions of exhuberance to the most high once again.

has anyone a similar experience or looking to change something to experience higher intimacy with this principle?

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Aug 12, 2016
by: Sharon

Thanks Lois for your encouragement:)

It is good to know others who kick and scream as well:)

For me, I know He really takes notice of me and what I am saying.

So in my kicking and screaming have had to watch what I am saying.

And can remember one time He asked me something, and my first responses was, oh, have I been complaining that much.

Aug 06, 2016
for Sharon
by: lois

what a beautiful way you have of expressing God's care of you. yes, i get the kicking and screaming the whole way ordeal, actually that is how i came to australia. oh, the prophet's intensity is unmatched by no other! and God knows that cuz he made us that way! (no blame there, God!) you are a walking tall daughter, Sharon. still in the game. i do celebtate that in you. and glad you are here.

Aug 06, 2016
first fruit responds
by: Sharon

I have had many things to walk through over the years, and often there was no one who was able to help. And knowing the world did not have the answers, it was my heavenly Dad, i turned to. To me I now address Him as Dad when talking to Him.

I have found Him to be non judgemental, loving, caring, funny and oh so very patience with me, and most of all, there for me. This is just very quickly off the top of my head.

I can remember saying to Dad once, I kicked and scream and complain the whole way with you growing me up (or something like that) and He responded to me was.....And I loved you the whole way.

Interesting enough, I still am not as thankful to Him as I should be, or trust Him like I should, but i know, He is loving there, with patience, walking beside me, showing me the way.

Aug 01, 2016
Love this!
by: Denise

This also stuck out to me in the teaching.
I've never thought about this before so
I am going to make a conscious effort to make sure I try to do it.
I know I often go to God first, especially with pain, but I want to also go to Him first with celebration.
Love this observation.

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