Finding me

by Susan
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

I am many and have been on a very long journey. God has graciously led us to this place through a string of connections that only He could make. As I seek to know Him, the walls and blockades are broken off, and slowly there is realization of emotion and acceptance. Now He desires for us to know that we are a Person. It's novel. It's exciting. We Praise God for His endless love and grace. We hope that we can grow some here.

Most of our past is now gone and probably of no consequence. Life is in our family: a husband, three children, and one grandchild. Lois, we are saddened at your loss of a child. We know that depth of pain.....natural and unnatural many times over.

We've heard Arthur Burk talk about land. Comfort for us has always come from land: laying in a stream, sitting for hours hidden in the middle of a field, seeking the quiet of the forest in the night. Jesus is always with us there. We wish someone would tell us what this means.

Joy comes in many ways: praying for others in the moment, intercession, creating from within. Jesus shows us what to paint. Sheep yield their wool to be spun and knit into clothing. The garden yields its produce to shelves of dried, canned, and frozen food. Flowers yield their dyes for wool and cotton. Tiny threads are tatted or crocheted into beautiful cloth. But for all this, does God approve? We don't know. It seems selfish. Maybe someone knows about this.

Jesus had me start a blog this past year. If someone wants to see it, maybe they are allowed to ask about it. The primary purpose is to pray for those who come to it.

God Bless all of those here who are seeking Him. God loves community.

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by: lois

hi susan- the study group you will find the link to our present study group on the side bar. don't let not listening to the teaching put you off from joining in. there are study notes and participation for all on some level.

'The point is life can be wonderful now'

many blessings

Thanks for the welcome
by: Susan

Jane and Lois, Thanks for the welcome. I'd be interested in knowing what study you are doing now and when another one might be started. I'm very new to the concepts of redemptive gifts of the spirit, although I'm working hard at appropriating the material in healing

The blog we are writing to the extent that we understand what God wants us to talk about. No doubt we get off track pretty often. We're using the pseudonym Abby Kelly. The focus is to provide a healing and prayer network for those who are DID/SRA/MC. You can find the blog at Some have told me that it takes a few tries to get in. We don't have very many followers. You may want to read the pages before you go to the blog. If anything there upsets you, by all means stop reading. Blessings

Sapphire Connection - a special place
by: Jane

Reading your post had me realising that Sapphire Connection is a special place.

I'd love to read your blog if you'd care to share the name. I'm not often sure if it's God or me, but I'm willing to risk if you are.

Thank you Lois, as always, precious offspring of the King of Kings

by: lois

hope you stay awhile. we are in the middle of a study group. you are more than welcome to join in. thanks for sharing a bit about you. building community is on our heart. moving toward unpacking more of our design, knowing more of God's heart for us..

would like very much to visit your blog space.

: )

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