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by Denise

Do you have any servants you admire? What are some of the markers that draw you to them?

* I think my dad is a servant. He is always helping someone. I don't see all the servant characteristics but several of them he displays. I think the one marker would be his trustworthiness and purity of motives. Also his willingness to try to fix anything (except he says he doesn't do mufflers) but just about anything else, he's on it.

How does the RG of servant reflect God's heart?

*One way is the "coming along beside someone", just like God, servants seem to always be there to lend a helping hand.

How does this gift advance the kingdom of heaven?

*I love how servants have the heart to pray for leaders and restore families... So much of that is needed these days.

Servants can sometimes have a 'savior mentality.' How might that play out and what might be a way to redeem that faucet of servant's nature?

* A savior mentality can run a servant/anyone into the ground. Being so wrapped up in others affairs that they loose themselves and totally burn out. I believe they have to learn to seek God's guidance as to who and when to serve.

A victim spirit is also an indicator of a servant. What do you think causes this? What is a way to gain freedom in this area.

*That is the one thing I don't see in my dad... But he is old and mature in his walk so it may have been there when he was younger?
It could be caused by some of the savior mentality, being so willing to help that they are used, abused, and taken advantage of.
Again, learning to seek God first would help protect them from being victimized.

**As for me, I see several of the character traits in me. Still not sure if they were taught or are by design. I know that in my most broken state, I hid in "serving", I definitely was a human-doing not a human-being. I am drawn to pray for leadership for sure, but there are some of them that are a definite "no, not me."

** I'm serving myself this week and remodeling my kitchen. I must say, I don't mind the challenge of figuring out how to do it but it wouldn't be something I'd do for a living. Yeah, I enjoyed the planning of it far more than the doing of it. But I'll really enjoy it when it is done!!
(FYI: Painting ceilings and that top edge between the wall and ceiling will help anyone get over being a perfectionist very quickly 😊)

Blessing on the Tribe this week!

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Aug 11, 2016
by: Denise

I could have used a few. 😊
I changed paint brushes and that helped a lot, still no where near perfectionism quality but I'm to tired to fight with it. I keep adding things to my project list so I might not be done before Jesus returns. Im loving the kitchen not having anything in it... much more spacious with out a table (not functional, but spacious).

Maybe when we finish this study everyone can answer the question for those of us who aren't sure, "what gift do you think ______ is and why?" That would be entertaining. :-)

Ok, going back to work... The quarter round won't put itself back so it needs my help. This kitchen is quite needy.

Aug 11, 2016
thank you, denise
by: lois

very good insights, denise. because serving is not my strength, i admire the ease in which this gift operates. i can be undone the fastest with watching the beauty of God's fingerprints on their lives. they do indeed reflect God's heart. i have had a servant 'come along side' me and it is a powerful act in its simplicity. that's been my experience anyway.

yes, i see your remodelling on instagram. gotta hand it to you that is one project i wouldn't be taking on!

"I enjoyed the planning of it far more than the doing of it. But I'll really enjoy it when it is done!!"

even putting language by drilling down in a given situation helps us unpack the sweet spot in design. enjoying the planning more you say. that's portable.

p.s. i saw some cool contraption on face book to make painting corners a breeze. maybe next time...

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