Experiencing RGI

by Zari Banks
(Seattle, WA, USA)


I'm sharing this here because no one in my world is familiar with RGI, yet. I met Teacher, Mercy and Prophet. And I wasn't even looking for them. I've just been engaging my spirit and inviting it to awaken and to seek and receive from Holy Spirit. See below (excerpt):

One last thing (we hope, right?) - and let me place a disclaimer here:
This will only have meaning for those who understand redemptive gifts (RGI).

My Teacher, Mercy and Prophet intro'd themselves to me this morning! Imagine this - Teacher comes up like a young child telling how great she is and Mercy was the younger sibling, not wanting to be outdone and interjecting his strengths here and there. Seriously, imagine him jumping up and down and saying me, too ... I can do that, too! Teacher was clearly in charge. Then Prophet comes up behind the two as a 4-year older sibling or mother, totally dignified and (I truly hope not) proud as if saying, "Excuse these children, they're immature and don't know protocols." Ha! Totes awesome.

Haven't heard a word from Ruler, Exhorter, Giver or Servant.

I emailed Arthur before I even got outta bed this morning to share. I

I wrote a blog post about it on my site which can be read here - http://www.zwriteswords.org/ztv/do-what-works, but I've copied and pasted the relevant portion. Of course, pls delete anything that's outside of your guidelines.

Blessings upon blessings to sapphire connection in Jesus' Name.

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May 02, 2018
so excited for you
by: lois

i am having fun just reading this, Zari. and i so get it as i was out with a bunch of beautiful gals today but there was no way i could tell them that i discovered Mercy during this latest crisis of mine! so pleased for you and so like God to rock up when you least expect it. that was also the case for me. much joy exploring the rest of your gifts. and keep us posted. so cool. thank you for sharing (and bless you for the donation, Z)

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