experiencing God together 

G’day and welcome. I am the ocean girl from down under. That about sums me up in a nutSHELL! A native New Yorker who has taken the beach by surprise. It is a part of my self-care routine as I swim year-round. Nature has a powerful way to remedy many ills and I mention it here with a great emphasis hoping it will generate rich conversations. 

Having moved countries in 2001 was no easy matter, thus I identify strongly with my heart and roots being in a very different place. I have experienced a significant amount of loss throughout my life and this verse in the book of Matthew 6:21 has always acted as a balm.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 

I am getting quite comfortable living as a stranger in a strange land, longing for the return of the King.

The school of hard knocks has taken a toll on me in a myriad of different ways and I have had to fight hard as I move toward more healing and growth. Beach therapy has been one of many major sources of building joy capacity, a must as we journey through pain toward wholeness. It was a missing piece for a long time and life seemed like a never-ending upward climb with nowhere to rest.

That is not the intention of our life's purpose and pushing harder to go further can be more damaging than we realise. This is the how of my journey that landed me in the throes of self and community care. Looking after myself has become a beautiful thing. Accepting my whole self, as I am and not how I will one day be. Opening the door to my dark past has enabled the light to come in. 

I am thankful for all that I learned through many hard seasons. It brought me to this present state of rediscovering who I am at the core which has been both challenging and exciting.

It has since become a passion of mine to discover a BIGGER view of God as I walk with others, swapping stories and witnessing God's faithfulness in our lives. Creating this sacred space, hoping to encourage others on their journey because the weak and the strong, we need each other.Together we are a beautiful mix.

It is my hope in some small way you might feel looked after here.  I’ll be looking forward to catching up with you again soon.


"O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, Behold, I will set your stones in antimony, And your foundations I will lay in sapphires. Isaiah 54:11

the sapphire stone was the second stone of the high priest's breastplate and had engraved upon it the name Simeon- 'he who hears'.

thus the sapphire connection

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