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what better way to get to know each other than to experience God together!

g’day and welcome. i am so glad you came to visit. i am the creator of sapphire connection and you are the reason i am here!

let me introduce myself. my name is lois, which actually means ‘battle maiden’. in human terms i am a fighter. i have learned most of my skills in the ring and in the school of hard knocks. let’s be honest, sometimes life is hard, very hard. 

experience God with sapphire connection

           my experience of God and finding my true identity

some starts in life are not what anyone deserves and certainly not one that i would have chosen.

all belief systems are formed early, about life, one’s self and others. they radically shape, mold and ultimately define us, sometimes causing our perspective to be seriously flawed, especially the way we experience God.

when the enemy’s fingerprints are all you can see, they have a way of choking the life out of you.

this is my story and maybe some of yours as well.

i needed a new grid to understand ‘my past does not have to define me ' and i certainly needed a bigger view of God. 

in many respects i am still recovering and discovering who i am and whose i am.

  • discovering that God was there first and that he has a plan 
  • discovering my true identity and my own unique design through studying and walking out my redemptive gift
  • discovering the key to unlocking and growing my spirit and
  • discovering my Father’s desire for me to experience God in a key of music distinctly my own

i would like to make special mention here to my friend, Arthur Burk, the founder of Sapphire Leadership Group who believed in me at a time when I did not. Arthur extended to me God's gift of dignity that set me on a course that changed my life, shaping me into that person i am now becoming.

some of the tools and strategies i used you will find on this site. some like ‘blessing your spirit’ have rocked my world!  i am so excited to share them with you wherever you are on your journey.

if you want to get to know me better read my ‘at a glimpse.

why not post your own ‘at a glimpse’ in our guestbook so we can get to know you better!

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*please note: this website gets empowered daily by sips of green matcha tea, scented candles and small bite sized pieces of organic dark chocolate. but mostly by the furious longing of a heavenly Father who sees fit to call me his own.

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