Exhorter Pastor bringing healing to church.

In the church that I attended up a few months ago, while I was there had 3 different pastors.

The first 2 brought much hurt to the church, I believe because of brokenness in their lives. But the pastor at the moment has brought much healing to the church, because he is an Exhorter.

I have often heard him go up to people, including myself and apologise for the hurt and misunderstanding that was put on them and the way they were treated, telling them that they are very much valued. I have also too have people tell me of him going up to them to apologise for the hurt and misunderstanding put onto them..

The church is now an more accepting, understanding and encouraging group of people, thanks to his leadership.

A few years ago, whenever he ended a conversation with a christian or non christian, he would end it with, 'God Bless you.'

And because of this encouraging uplifting ways people would just accept it. I can remember being behind him one day in the supermarket with him talking to a couple of non christian people. He was unaware of me being there and the couple he was talking to, did not know I knew him. As he walked away, he said to them, God Bless you. When he had left they talked about what an encouraging person he was, with smiles on their faces, even though a bit taken back by the God Bless you.

He and his lovely wife are good friends of mine. But hey, who would not want to have an exhorter as a friend. :)

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