do you think it's possible to change redemptive gift?

by Linda

This is interesting to me - I recall doing one of those Myers Briggs tests when I was in my early 20s and quite depressed. I came out as an INTJ. As someone now in my 40s I came out at ENFP. I really do resonate with the prophet gift - but as an older person I also feel I connect with exhorter RG. I can see both elements within myself - can it change through out someone's life time?

what have others found from their experience? Maybe I've just become a more easy going prophet LOL

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Oct 12, 2016
prophets unite!
by: lois

looks like i am too.

be free, Linda, to express your gift in the key of music that is unique to you!

: )

Oct 12, 2016
thanks for the tip Lois
by: Linda

checked out the post - looks like I'm redemptive gift of Prophet!

Sep 12, 2016
that makes sense
by: Linda

that makes sense Lois - will check out that post

Sep 09, 2016
muddling through the gifts together..
by: lois

the easy answer is the belief that we have one RG in our soul and all seven in our spirit. as we grow and mature the face of the gifts may look different. but at the core, in our DNA there is the one.

there are some interesting questions to ask yourself (see the latest post of "what happens when each of the gifts visits a friend in the hospital?")

can you resonate more easily with one scenario more than another?

what motivates your heart?
What gift seems to fit your natural tendencies?
How do you respond to weaknesses in others?

look in the added bonuses as well. might help to answer your question a bit more.

thanks for posting!

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