Divine Appointment

"Let's start at the beginning. Exactly one year ago today, my husband
and I put an offer down on this cute little house in A-----. When we were driving around the town somewhere around that time, I felt like God told me that one day I would be mayor of A----. I kinda scoffed ;) then my husband and I were driving by a brick building in the centre of town and the words came out of my mouth "one day I am
going to work / have my office in that building". Normally such things as words coming out of my mouth spontaneously like that don't happen, so I asked my husband what the building was. He grinned and said "the building where the mayor has her office... The community centre where all town business is done". Oh. Ha.

Then our offer on the house was accepted and we moved in and became
official residents of A-----. I really felt like God put the city council meeting on my heart, so I started attending as many as possible (only two a month, but still). I
would silently commit the meetings to God and pray throughout it for the people there.

At first, some members on the council seemed a little put out by my presence, but after one particularly rough time where one of the council members just seemed to have it out for me spiritually, then my husband and I did a lot of prayer and blessing for her, and next time and from then on, she has been the friendliest of all of the council members. Very interesting.

Then I heard in the newspaper that you had to be a resident for over two years to serve on council. And that the mayor of A---- had just been elected for a 4 year term.... So I thought, there goes my chance for doing anything there for a while. And I felt like God said it might be another 8 years or so before I was actually Mayor... So I settled down to just attending when I could and at least bringing the
blessing of presence.

Then for about 3 months in summer I couldn't attend due to my husband's work schedule and some other life events. Then several months ago, I started attending again and noticed that one council member was constantly absent. 4 weeks ago, she was
officially dismissed from the council due to too many unexcused absences. And one of the city members who I am friends with asked if I'd ever be interested in running for council. I said yes, but I hadn't lived there two years yet. She said that right before I moved to A----, they removed that restriction, so I actually was qualified.

So I submitted my application. Then 2 weeks ago, I went to council. They had only received one application so far... mine. After council, the personnel committee interviewed me. Then yesterday, I went to council. The committee recommended to the other council members that I be accepted. They approved me unanimously. I was sworn in. And sat on my first council.

I feel like there is a purpose for me being there. But not sure what it is yet. Just praying that God will use me for whatever He wills for such a time as this."

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Nov 28, 2016
Great Story
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing this story! I love how the whole thing unfolds. How many times to we 'scoff' when we hear something of what our spirit knows. I am sure God has you there for 'such a time as this'. Very exciting indeed.

Dec 05, 2016
Wonderful story
by: Jane

Thank you for sharing such an awesome story - God's faithfulness matched to yours!

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