developing discernment

This teaching on developing discernment covers a lot of ground by showing you some basic kinds of discernment and how you can develop the specific kind God gave you. Many of us might feel that  we have little discernment. We need to think again. God has not left us powerless against the wiles of the enemy. What hope is there without discernment? It is a vital component to our spiritual development.

We are all designed by God with discernment  There is no lack, just a matter of unpacking it.

Because our gifts have been overlooked and even ignored, we lose the joy and dominion that God planned us to have through exercising our gifts.

What is this thing we call discernment? It is the spirit's ability to sense what our soul is incapable of knowing. We can no longer disregard our spirit to the trust of our soul. One way this plays out is the shutting down of spiritual discernment as a child. If left to our soul we will not pick up the clues in our children when they are recognizing the realms of the spirit.

This teaching is for parents to identify their child's design and partner with God in unpacking it. It is also for adults involved in kingdom work.

There is a wide variety of discernment and God gave each of us what we would need for our own unique journey. How very cool is that? Can you discern the spiritual qualities of land or weather? Perhaps the demonic or the very gifts of God?

The over all flavor of this teaching is one of discovery and a restoration of dignity.

I have included here the Cleansing Prayer to close the Psychic Door. This is a powerful class action lawsuit covering the many streams of occult defilement that opens the psychic door.

excerpt from developing discernment


Father, we require an audience with the righteous judge of the universe. We come to you on two counts. First, because you are the righteous judge  and secondly, because we are in a blood covenant relationship with Jesus the Christ, and this gives us very specific legal rights before your throne as sons and daughters of yours.

We acknowledge that we are in a stream of human history. We acknowledge that our fore fathers have been active in all sorts of stuff we have not been aware of.

We acknowledge the Father God of knowledge that has been worshipped from generation to generation. We acknowledge the boundaries you have established. There is secret knowledge that is not ours to know, areas we are not to look into or seek.

We acknowledge our fore fathers have been careless or overt in crossing those boundaries and seek to access what you have clearly said not to. We call that iniquity; defiant rebellion against you to reach out for knowledge you have told us we are not to have.

We ask now that for each individual here you would open the books from before the beginning of time, from the creation of Adam and Eve all the way to the present . We ask you to identify the covenant relationships in community that have opened the door to the defilement of our psychic door. Let the order be given and the search be done. Let this damming evidence of the maleficent of our fore fathers be brought before your throne.

We swiftly plead guilty. We ask you to identify the legal right that the enemy had to invade the sanctuary of our brain and manipulate the pineal gland to reveal things to us. We are guilty for the offenses of our fore fathers and for some of us; it is our own offenses.

We acknowledge the iniquity, and the penalty is to be twisted in some form so that our engagement in the spirit realm has also been twisted and defiled.

Father, having acknowledged the enemy’s legal right, examine the evidence to see if the enemy took more than he was supposed to. I believe some of us have been tormented with visual discernment where the enemy did not have legal right. I ask you to identify these areas where he was a thief, intruder and violator of the sanctuary you created in our brain and in our spirit.

Father, having acknowledged the enemy’s legal right, we come to you with the most glorious word in the English language, the word BUT.

BUT we have a higher legal right through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. We acknowledge the iniquity of pursuing knowledge from a wrong source, was covered by the crucifixion of Christ. And those ancestors of ours who lived before him and those who lived after him are included in the glorious statement of the lion of Judah, who said, ‘It is finished.’ There is no asterisk no footnote no exception, no defiant deliberate act of rebellion against you that is larger than the death of Christ.
For those of us that have in our family lines militant workers of iniquity, we defy the enemy saying, there has been no person so bad that is beyond the blood of Christ. No matter what our fore fathers did, how many generations, evil or depraved they were, the death of Christ is still greater, larger and more powerful than all their iniquity.

I ask you to take that pile of sin, rebellion and iniquity of our fore fathers that is before you and send it to the cross of Christ. Nail it there, cover it with the blood of Christ and obliterate those items from the record so that no demonic spirit can even find a trace of where in our family line there was ever occult pursuit of illicit knowledge. May even the memory of his name be erased. May there not even be a memory of the marks or devices that were there.

I ask you that the cleansing we have appropriated individually be extended now to our covenant spouse, whether they want it or not we have a right to bring a cleansing to their spiritual structures. Would you accept our  legal action and extend these renunciations to our covenant spouse? We ask you also to extend these to our children both by blood, by adoption to our physical seed to a thousand generations. We also ask you to extend this to our foster children’s spirit because they are under God’s people for a season and to our spiritual seed.

Father, if anyone has been defiled by our open psychic door, we grieve. We ask for your mercy to cleanse them from the damage done by the things we have seen and said wrongly.
Include all mentioned in this class-action lawsuit and remove all iniquity that has opened the psychic door.

In Genesis 1, you revealed the nature of yourself  that into that mess you came and created. You, the God of restoration,  who is not intimidated by any mess that humans or demons have ever created, we invite you to come into our brains, into the physical structure of our pineal gland and into the spiritual dynamic of the psychic door, and we ask you to strip away every structure that was created by the enemy. Since he has been disempowered,  will you dismantle the pathways to see and the realms of darkness we are not supposed to see into. Undo, take down, everything that was built over generations in our family line. Let dedications be destroyed; ownership be eradicated and let there be a cleansing of our psychic doors, the pineal glands, and then we ask yo to establish security  according to your own definition. You know right from wrong, and we ask you to move with power, establish and restore that which is right in the structures of our brains. Let it be completely settled and sealed so that no opportunistic spirit can undo what you do today. Anchor it with divine time so that our spirit can hear your spirit, see what you want our spirit to see, but no unclean spirit has a particle ever under any conditions as to what we see.

We thank you in advance for the healing repair work which you are doing.

Father, we thank you for your Holy Spirit and ask you for every individual here to disconnect us from toxic land or other symbolic devices that facilitated seeing into the psychic realm. Where there has been a trauma bond to an evil spirit or to drugs put these also under the blood of Christ. Disconnect us from every mechanism of the enemy that could allow a reinfection and let the pineal glands be clean and pure and sealed for a thousand generations to come.

We ask these things on behalf of those that are here; we ask it in the name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.

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