Sometimes it is hard to see what is going on when you are in a hard place. Sometimes you just want to get through it. I remember the stories of Arthur's days as a plumber. They were hard going but in that time he was developing skills.

During David's hard years, God too was developing and sharpening his skills. Oh for the deep joy he received when he realized that season had no wasted pain.

We pray for visionaries in Innsbruck to see God redeeming their hard years.

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Visionaries often have a different style of worship. Pray that God would draw the ones needing vindication.

Abel knew first hand the joy of having his worship be vindicated by the Most High God.

Pray that every non-traditional worshipper who is pleasing to God would come to know that they are pleasing to God.

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Naomi walked in one long season of futility. We can imagine with the intensity that a prophet has of her emotional turmoil of all that went down. And she went down with it. Thankfully, it doesn't end there. Enter Ruth. We celebrate all the Naomi's we know (including where we have walked)and the joy of making progress. Oh the joy of making progress!

We come into agreement in crying out for the blocked visionaries in Innsbruk, asking for a shift (a Ruth) that enables them to find a glorious way forward in life.

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Does your past hang over you? Then you can pray with passion that the visionaries in Innsbruck will get closure. Think Noah.

Noah's family rejoiced at the end of a very difficult season of judgement. We pray for each visionary that has been in the desert, that they might taste the joy of a definite end to their season of hardship.

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David was long ignored by the leaders around him but surprised with joy when he was seen by God.

Ever felt invisible to God and man? Then you can pray with passion for others.

We pray for each builder in Innsbruck to know they are seen by God. However that spells out, whatever good thing may happen, give them that sense that is irrefutable and undeniable that says, 'Yup, I know where this is coming from. I might not understand it but I KNOW that God sees me!'

What does that look like for you to be seen by God?

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If you receive love from God, pray big from that place. If it is hard to receive love from God, you can still pray passionately for others.

Lord, if we read Hosea through any other eyes but yours it might be too painful a process. But you know what each one of us needs and so we lift up those who hurt so badly that without your intervention receiving love is an impossibility. Won't you come as the great surgeon and do what you do best. Through a heart transplant allow receiving love be what you initially intended. Bring these years of hurt to an end. Show up and display your compassionate power..

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If you have ever been defeated or if you ever have had to claw your way back, inch by inch..pray then, for our visionaries to get a huge breakthrough.

Gideon tasted the joy of a decisive victory in the place of a former devastating defeat.

Pray for each of the visionaries who have gotten crushed in Innsbruck that they may savor sweet victory in that same place.

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A prison is only a perception. Your mind can be free even if you body is confined. Pray for minds to be boldly free.

Daniel experienced the joy of using his remarkable mind even when in captivity.
Pray that those who are far from their calling right now, would find deep joy in unpacking their God given design.

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Ever messed up? I have. Lots of those stories under my belt. I am sure you have a few of your own. We are in league with Jonah for a monumental bad choice on his part. Thankfully for Jonah and for us, it doesn't end there.

He got to taste the joy of being used by God in a very powerful way.

For those visionaries who are feeling discarded by God, we pray. That in spite of messing up or having been messed over, they too will experience immense restoration at the hand of God.

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Been misunderstood and not recognized? Pray in all visionaries in Innsbruck who need to be validated by God, not man.
Samuel was fully recognizes as a wonderful fit for the office he held.
For those who have been repudiated or overlooked, may they find joy when God causes them to be seen as fit for their calling.

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Shame is a brutal companion. Pray grace for the shame hunters. May they wreak havoc on those demons in Innsbruck.

Saul felt deep joy in protecting the defenceless people at Jabesh Gilead.
We pray for those visionaries who are designed to be protectors. May they find their righteous niche.

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Life without passion is not worth living. The devil uses people to curse our passion. Push back!

Phinehas is known for his radical passion which seemed improper for the office he walked in, however he experienced the joy of God accepting his passion and calling it good.

We pray for each of the visionaries in Innsbruck that they may come to know God's joy over their passion that have been under a curse by others.

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In a hostile workplace, Jacob found true love, in an alien country.
He also through repeated miracles, experienced the provision of God, in spite of a very unjust environment to work in.

We pray that God's builders in Innsbruck would enjoy the gifts of God, coming from unexpected contexts. For those who are trapped, may they experience God's supernatural provision in total defiance of the devouring.

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Failing forward is a treasure. Pray that visionaries who have been sidelined would go deep and be triumphant.

Joshua had lots of time for developing his intimacy with God during a season of long term judgement.

We pray for those sidelined for a season to find great joy in deep intimacy during the hidden time.

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Ever had God ask you to plant a field in the middle of a drought? Then you have faith to bless those who choked.

God blessed Isaac's highly improbable project causing the joy of his success.

We pray for the visionaries who have been called to a process that is radically different, may you find great joy as you find God partnering with you in your venture.

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