developing a prayer strategy

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Developing A Prayer Strategy, is an upcoming event being held on 17th of September. This will be Serina’s first big event in the city of Innsbruck.

There is a prayer strategy posted daily on Arthur’s Twitter account- @SLGArthur, starting today. I am also including the posts here if you would like to jump in at any time and comment, speak out a prayer, get involved as you feel moved. The SLG tribe did an amazing job of transforming the Practicums with prayer. I was a part of that and was extremely blessed in participating and so I look with excitement to yet another exceptional event like that.

Wounded visionaries in the city are the target group. There are many people who have come there with big vision to do ministry, or attend the university,  perhaps become part of the medical community, or participate in the sports scene, or simply to live big.

Some have soared but others have had their identity bruised badly in the loss of their dream.

The SLG specialty is beautifully language like this: repairing brokenness and restoring people into the calling that flows from their design. With that in mind, we will be seeking out this group who are not seeking us at all.

first step in developing a prayer strategy

Our first step will be to imprint joy into our event.

Effective prayer has three components. Firstly, the spiritual condition of the person praying. Secondly, the agreement within the Body of Christ. And thirdly, the strategy used in your prayers.

 Widely discussed already are the first two themes. The third theme has been explored, but there is room for more skill.

Much more to the question, how does understanding the Kingdom of God change how we should live our daily lives?

Each sector of the culture , from the individual to a whole nation  has different characteristics. Good strategy takes the unchangeable principles of God’s Word and applies them appropriately to the unique dynamics of the target.

This will be a highly interactive event, as we use many real life situations from the audience to build our case studies.

I will post the daily twitter feeds as they come in…FOR INNSBRUCK

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