Covenant Prayer

Father, we thank you for the provision you have made for us your sons and daughters, We acknowledge the plug-in point that our adrenals have for spiritual covenants. The covenant that you have made with us we honor and declare it supersedes every other covenant made by us or anyone else in our family line, Up until now we have lived the consequences of darkness that has pervaded our lives in one area or another. We understand the power of covenant. For that reason we yearn to see a payback for your ancient enemy has tampered with a Holy God and has wrecked havoc for many of your people.

We long to see the benefits that far outweigh the damage done. We long to live the rest of our days experiencing the benefits of walking in the light of our righteous covenant. This is not a dream but a reality for we your people are asking for this today in your name, Amen.

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