chapter 4

In this chapter, Connections, we will be exploring the broad area of connections and some of the ripple effects.


A game called Jenga, is an excellent parallel to our own lives. Each block represents a life experience. Each time you experience a not so nice area of your life, and dismiss it, it is like removing that block from the tower. At best the tower wobbles and worst, I crumbles down.

We are in need of tools to process pain, working through it and coming to peace with that event in our lives. That keeps the blocks in our towers in place. 


  • Catastrophic or momentous events have a way of forcing us into the realization of a continuum.
  • If we are disconnected from the past, we will not feel the force of time flowing through us in the present.
  • Your heritage and roots matter
  • God is a master of complexity. There is a reasoning behind the place and people you came from.
  • The bigger picture states: you are a person with a purpose that God has prepared for this time in history.


  • Our past experiences actually give us the critical tools we need to shape and build our future.
  • We should have access to perspective, ideas and plans we can build with. Sadly, many of us don't having disconnected from our past. This can lead to then following the vision of another.
  • Our sense of destiny is between us and God.



  • Incongruence- agreement or harmony; compatibility: the quality or state of agreeing or corresponding.
  • The incongruence happens when the core idea and the practical expression don't line up.
  • Presentation and environment can tell you a lot in a person. Is there agreement between your calling and the life you live? Are you at odds with the way He put you together?

questions to explore

Having read this first fourth chapter, Connections, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Can you name any blocks that you have removed from your Jenga tower?

Do you feel connected to the flow of history? What's that like for you? How about your family, heritage or nation?

What about your personal continuum? How connected are you to your own destiny?

Describe what your perspective of the future looks like for you. Is it exciting, daunting, uncertain..?

Share your understanding of congruence. Can you give an illustration of something congruent and incongruent? It can be something you have experienced of a picture that comes to mind.

We have described four connection areas in this chapter. How do you fit in with each area?

Do you have something to share about this topic?

We would love to hear from you

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