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First things first. Let’s look at what principles we can use in terms of community and how to build community.

Our beginning is NOT neediness. How big is our capacity to engage with God at deeper levels? How addicted to people am I? (test: try a fast from people)

The objective is to enjoy something without being addicted to it.  To engage and thrive with people to the max and to engage God deeply and productively in the absence of people again is the objective.

Do an assessment? Find out where you are at.

• How much sustenance can you get from God if you need to?
• How long will you struggle emotionally with injustice and hardship before you get to the place of being dangerous?

How do we build community?

To the degree we can deal with inconvenience, do things uncomfortable and practice flexibility, to get to the place you are meant to be. For a kingdom, community is a non-negotiable. You need exchange, engagement and connection. Initiating something may be tough but do it anyway.

What do you need in a community?

Someone who understands you, gets you is a consumer mentality. This is exceptional when it happens, but it is not critical to go forward. A kindred spirit is not part of the criteria.

community circle

Think of your friends like four points on a circle. Look at how you can build a community with people who can relate to part of who you are and you in return relating to them on a limited basis.

• People who have STRENGTH (not fragile). A tough individual who keeps intimacy with God through years of disappointments and failure. There is a life exchange. Standing in their presence does something to you. Who is the strong person you know?

• People that have WEALTH built into them. There is no poverty spirit about them. They are resourceful and maliable always able to regenerate, repair and start over. When we are with them our own poverty mindset shifts. Moving and drawing from the immensity of their spirit into my spirit enables me to take the next step.

• People who carry the essence of BEAUTY. We all get defiled and defined by the ugliness around us. That is the easy part. As you move toward the different flavors of beauty significantly refreshes your soul. (music, motion, color, sound, texture...) who do you know in this category?

• People of WISDOM. They are immersed in a faucet of wisdom that makes them come alive. There is much that needs to be awakened in us. Moving toward this person brings me back to a central place in which I can build.

Make it a life time pursuit to enlarge and enrich your circle. This is a whole new level in doing community. We are not talking about the bartender syndrome of people we can whine to. You’re starting point can even be through books or blogs. Add these tools as well to be enlarged.

Instead of trying to find individuals who understand you fully, find a circle of individuals rich in these four areas and deliberately move among them to resource your spirit.

CHEMISTRY : we may share the same values, the same enemies, the same God and NOT have chemistry with that person. Jesus himself modeled this. It is OK. When you have chemistry with a person, it is a treasure, run with it. However, you DO NOT need chemistry to advance the kingdom.

Part of training is to learn how to walk like an army not an individual. When one goes down we all go down. We build high character in these situations as we commit to a community mindset. Through the pressure of doing community with people we don’t like we can adapt to the people God may send us.

questions for discussion

There is so much good stuff here! We are all welcome here no matter where we are on our journey!

An assessment of where we are in our need for community is a good starting point. God knows our hearts and is gentle with our needs especially for those who struggle hard to do what comes so easy to others in finding community. So for some, cut yourself some slack and join in and enjoy the process.

I love the community circle. Tell us about how one or more of these points interact in your own life. What aspect of the four do you carry or are working towards carrying.

Does this concept of chemistry help you in finding community?

How long will you struggle emotionally with injustice and hardship before you get to the place of being dangerous? A good one for discussion.

Do you have a book or a blog you would like to share that helps you move toward beauty, wisdom, strength or wealth?

Leave a blessing, encourage one another. Go be dangerous.

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