church and kingdom cd-2

Come explore ways to walk out your calling as we differentiate between church and kingdom.

It all begins with mothering. Learning to meet God in the female key of music, receiving from him first and out of the treasure we receive, we are then able to give, to sow and to become transformational.
Church and kingdom starts with a core understanding of gender.

The church is female. It is the bride of Christ. Upon this rock I will build my church. (Matthew 16) The church belongs to Jesus. Contrast this to, Our Father..thy kingdom come. The kingdom is male. (Matthew 6:9) 

We see two vehicles running side by side, each playing a role. The kingdom runs parallel to the church. The church is central to Jesus’ involvement here on earth.

To have a kingdom you need three things: (Luke 19)
1. A ruler
2. A realm
3. Exercise of rulership


the kingdom cycle

• We receive the raw materials from God
• We learn to convert them
• We give them back to the King (starting a new cycle, with new raw materials, which are harder to work with for our growing potential; we learn to convert and give back to the King)

This cycle is largely resisted in American Christianity. Once there is a high level of competence, we own it and do everything we can to keep it going despite the fact that God has left.


Using our design, there is a dozen different directions to go.

What will we do in terms of conversion in this realm?
How can we make our sphere a better place than it was before?

Pursue that thing that matters the most to you. That is what God expects us to do with those assets he gave us.

kingdom season

After putting out any fires, we build according to our passion.


Don’t fall for the lie that in submitting to God it will hurt a lot. He will call you to the far-off country in outer Mongolia (unless of course that IS your passion).

The Kingdom does not come with an instruction manual because God wants to create room in which you can demonstrate your sonship.


This now brings into alignment the church and the kingdom. The church is the entry point, the place we learn how to receive. The church should equip and release into the world to build in the kingdom. Equipping in a mothering way brings us from brokenness- cleansing, healing and deliverance.


Your transmission is that mechanism that takes your design and expresses it in a productive way in the culture. There are off-the-shelf transmissions that the church provides.

But what if his design of your ‘specialty skills’ have no application within the local church?

Some of us are called to do something beyond the culture’s availability, causing tension within the culture. (the Wright brothers were NOT heroes in their day). There will always be people one, two four steps ahead of the culture. The church does not cater for such people.

In this season our job is to build according to our passion, to discover the resources he placed in us and unpack that and find where we fit. Yes, work your bicycle shop (the thing that pays the bills) while you develop your passion in the shed behind (the kingdom investment designed to bring people into voluntary submission because they can smell the fragrance of Christ).

Do not let anyone trash the fire God has put in you. Walk it out with or without legitimacy. Come into agreement that the treasure placed within you by God is good. Build that shed behind your shop, pursue your design.

questions for discussion

Is the gender of church and kingdom a new concept for you? How does the differentiation help you in your walk and calling with God?

Where do you fall in the continuum? Would you like to share your experience with the bicycle shop and shed?

Do you have any questions that the group may help you answer about this topic?

Please feel free to discuss whatever lands for you.

Do you have something to share about this topic?

We would love to hear from you

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