blessings of Job

Although the theme of suffering is woven through this entire book, The Blessings of Job is not about suffering, it is not about the devil, and it is not about Job. This album IS about a powerful reframing of the book of Job in its entirety as we listen chapter by chapter to the deepest desire of God, which is to reveal himself to us in a transformational way.

It answers some heart-wrenching questions (questions of mine anyway).
What does one do when God removes the protection and allows the enemy to assault you? When you see no end in sight, nor rationale to change or remove it?

What do you do when heaven is silent to your cries and you are convinced of your innocence and can’t break free?

KNOW THIS: Your suffering is not pointless or meaningless. There is a purpose.

Having walked Job’s road for many years, to stumble upon this teaching during that time was priceless to me. When we suffer, a very big portion of it revolves around me. It is about “why God?”

God is indeed teaching us through this book to ask better questions.
Why is our relentless question. However, God wants us to ask “Who?”
“Who are you really, God? Who are you really?

God's invitation to Job

And so this book unfolds as an invitation from God to Job to explore the nature of himself on his turf.

And sparks fly every which way as we are bombarded with the immensity of WHO God is as God paints a stunning self-portrait of Himself, showing Job so many things about Himself that Job could have never seen in the small playing field of his own life.

And I could have never have seen because my big view of God was still too small.

Here are a few profound snippets from the Blessings of Job;
• Don’t let the aching loneliness of your soul cause unnecessary time grieving
• Where you have met God, you now have authority, and you will cause another spirit to know God like you do
• You may be diminished by the immensity of your pain but don’t be diminished by the immensity of your God

                            Excerpt from blessings of Job

CD 7.5 God of Power

Spirit, I challenge you to challenge the tide of lies that come from inside and outside you. God uses the word remember repeatedly in scripture commanding men to spend some time remembering what he has done and how he has done it. Rehearsing and reciting and refreshing their mind with everything that he is capable of, everything that God has shown himself capable of doing in history. And so today, as you are up to your armpits in powerlessness as you either watch God either unwilling, but not unable to intervene in your situation, as you experience the powerlessness of pledging your allegiance to a God who has infinite power, who is choosing not to rescue you from what may even be a life and death situation.

In that context, I challenge you, Spirit, to resist the lies of the enemy by choosing to focus on every area where God has been faithful to you. It is perfectly ok to say, I don’t understand why he is not intervening. It is perfectly ok to say, I would never have written the script this way, I don’t like how this is turning out at all. But it is not even remotely acceptable to say, God can’t.

And so against every form of that lie which the devil would seek to intrude in your being, it is your job Spirit to step to the front, to take control of the thinking processes of a mind that is being battered every which way, and to choose to rehearse the intervention of God. Scripture is full of it, church history is full of it; your life is full of it. For every man who has been martyred for their faith, there are others that have been rescued. And we cannot explain nor justify why God allows one to die and causes another to live. Why he caused Stephen to die, and yet he rescued Peter and Paul on multiplied of occasions from dying.  

We can’t understand that but we can look at it and say, even though God appears to not be intervening, it is not because he can’t! And therefore, we celebrate vigorously everything God has done in our life. All those moments he has intervened, all of the ways he has intervened and we call it good.

So I bless you, Spirit, with engaging in that discipline this day, in the very face of your powerlessness, defiantly saying, I don’t know if God will intervene the way I want him to, but I absolutely know that my God can, that he has unlimited dominion and here is a thousand different colors of his power expressed in my life.

I bless you Spirit with taking the high ground, and justifying God, defending his nature in the face of a lying enemy who would suggest something other than the truth. I bless you with remembering and celebrating the power and intervention of your God this day in the face of your powerlessness.

if something lands for you as it did for me, let me know, ok?

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