blessing your spirit

The premise for this book, Blessing Your Spirit, goes something like this. We as Christians believe that if we do this (ie read our bible) and this (ie pray) then the results should be a healthy spirit. The findings however are not always so.

It didn't take more than an honest assessment to examine my own life in this light and give my soul vs spirit a score. My soul was winning. So, how do I change that so the many things I do reaches into my spirit?

leverage your growth by blessing your spirit

Herein lies a treasure chest full of blessings with the ability to turn that paradigm on its head by intentionally engaging with the human spirit with scripture and the names of God. It is designed to nurture your spirit by building into it important truths.

But it doesn't stop there. No sireee! After each blessing is an area to respond with your spirit Here's a chance to articulate what it is that landed and to allow the spirit to do the talking.

In the back of the book is a challenge to write your own blessing. It is always the next step that allows us to explore and engage our spirit even more. Trust me this exercise is life-changing.

I have included an excerpt from the book Blessing Your Spirit here:

Day 25 Generational Covenant of Life and Peace

I bless you with a profound generational anointing of peace on your life that will bring reverence and wisdom to generations after you. I bless you that the family line you establish may be known as a family of wisdom, reverence, and of holiness.

I bless you with bringing many in the next generation into reverence of God so that they have the wisdom of God. They in turn may turn many to a covenant of life and peace with God so that the next generation would revere God and would have words of wisdom for the next generation after that. I bless you with laying the foundations for many godly generations through being in a covenant of life and peace with Most High God. I bless you with all these blessings of peace, in the name of the Prince of Peace, in the name of the God who makes peace, so that all your children and children’s children will have great peace. I bless you in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

Respond with your spirit..

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