blessing your spirit review

by lois

i was handed this book at a time of great upheavel and nothing I did was able to ground me. the best way these blessings landed for me was when someone else was reading them to me. there was an overriding peace in the midst of a turbulent storm.

i was getting out of bed in the morning without a sense of dread. the lies that were deeply entrenched were better addressed as i was learning to pursue the solutions in my spirit and not the pain in my soul. (that was a piece of language later given me)

many things were being addressed as if tools were being released that i needed for the things that God knew i would need at this time in my life. as my spirit was growing so was my capacity to handle a life in upheavel (some things don’t automatically go away)

i was growing in hope, and comfort and futility was being taken over by meaning.