blessing your soul

Although written in a very different style, Blessing Your Soul is a companion volume to Blessing your Spirit.

It consists of four sections of 24 teachings and blessings each.

•Healing the Wounded Soul

•Nurturing the Neglected Soul

•Calming the Harried Soul

•Growing the Hungry Soul

Because our soul is designed to team together with our spirit and not be at war with it, our spirit is hugely handicapped when our soul is not well developed. The goal is our soul joyfully submitted to the leadership of our spirit. This book is a collection of 96 portraits of the soul in action. It models various stages of growth in our home, the market place and entertainment.

The insights found in this book are instructive by giving a fresh look at how various people respond to challenges in different scenarios, we in turn can become aware of other options in our own lives that might not have been clear to us before.

I so appreciate Arthur's gifts to the body which include hope, dignity and strategy. Read it and be blessed.

excerpt from the book Blessing Your Soul

Blessing your Soul – Part 1

Death of a Lifestyle ~ Queen Esther

The Story:

She had a pretty simple plan for her life. Grow up, get married to a fine Jewish man, have kids and enjoy her extended family a lot. Not complicated. It didn’t work. Through no fault of her own, she was beautiful. Through no fault of her own, one of the king’s minions discovered her and forcibly took her to the Gentile king’s harem.

There was no turning back. She was a prisoner in the palace and would not be allowed to see her relatives again. Never. Ever. No way. She could not have any of the Jewish lifestyle she expected. She would never have a husband of the kind she envisioned. The finality of her transition from one world to another was staggering.

In the end, God met her in her unwanted, unloved, new lifestyle in an epic way.

Esther 2

The Principle: God has a branch office in the most ungratifying places you can end up in.

A Blessing:

Dear Soul,

So your whole life was wrecked by the drunk driver, or the cheating spouse, or the special needs child. There is no turning back, no recapturing the lifestyle you poured your heart into.

I bless you, soul, with grieving deeply and well. The losses are real, and they will remain losses, no matter what else God gives you. Grieve a healthy grief so you can be free to go on and discover where God is in this new, unwelcome, challenging lifestyle that was forced on you.

Soul, you probably took a hit for the good of the spirit and the Kingdom. I bless you with finding your own flavor of joy in this new lifestyle, in the midst of the bigger agenda.

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