Blessing to take back the Night Season

by Lisa LeFevre
(Keaau, Hawaii)

I bless you.

I bless you to take back the night season- as sacred ground consecrated to the Lord for His higher purposes.
I bless your spirit’s ability to submit to the Spirit of God and take its rightful place of leadership in the trinity of your being.
I bless your soul to “stand down” and let your spirit lead!
I bless your body to grow in its capacity to receive the fullness of refreshment and health as your spirit soul and body come into proper alignment according to your original design.
May your spirit and soul minister to your body and apply the revelation of truth that you may grow in dominion over your own physical health.

I bless your spirit’s capacity to interact with the Spirit of God as your body rests- to reach up into the heavenly realms and soak up all the Love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control that you can contain —that it may wash over every aspect of your essence–both strengthening and nurturing it.

I bless your spirit’s capacity to receive revelation, wisdom and understanding from the very throne room of God– instructing your mind in matters — enlarging your perspective of your Creator and His ways.
I bless your capacity to partner with Your God– submitting to His guidance and correction that the night season may become your spiritual training ground!

I bless your capacity to grow and operate in the discernment of spirits–that through practice, your senses would be trained to discern good and evil (Heb. 5:14)

And I bless you with healing dreams- that your spirit would be open and receptive to the hand of God and His messengers as He ministers……

Truth to set you free,
Balm to soothe deep woundings,
Light to drive out darkness,
and Strength to take hold of your birthright!

May you soar into the heavenly realms!
May your vision be improved and corrected thru the lens of God.

May you grow in dominion and authority over your dream life!
…And may your dreams start to work for you!

I bless you!

In Jesus’ name

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Oct 22, 2017
very timely
by: lois

wow. thank you. this is so timely and powerful. i am printing it out and will use it many times over i am sure. the near end of October is never a pretty picture for some. but here we are together taking back the night season. YES, we can do this.

Oct 22, 2017
Dream blessing
by: Julia

Beautiful. Thank you and may this blessing be multiplied to you

Oct 23, 2017
by: Monica

Thank you so much, Lisa. October is a tough month to get through with all that goes on spiritually. Only way is to keep our eyes on Him.


Oct 24, 2017
God's Goodness and Timing
by: Anne

I was just on another site yesterday getting new for me info regarding demonic devices in dreams, prayers and deliverance. I usually do not dream,but the last couple of weeks,I have been but they were weird--some I prayed about but others I didn't know to pray. So I prayed yesterday and now I find these Blessings!!! Thank you, Lisa!

Oct 25, 2017
Dreams Blessings
by: Anonymous

Thankyou Lisa, such beautiful and empowering words. I think I have dreamed most of my life... usually awful, weird, inexplicable dreams that wake me leaving me fragile and confused.
Last night, for the first time ever, I had, what felt like, a long and happy dream... and I woke up feeling refreshed, happy and smiling. Truly amazing! words can't explain how different and wonderful this feels.... HALLELUJAH AND PRAISE GOD!!! ...I pray such blessings back to you a thousandfold.

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