Blessing for the Servant

I bless you for the richness you bring to life in caring for the needs of others in practical ways.  You know the blessedness of giving of yourself in acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and “second-mile” effort for others.  You preach sermons without words, with sermons of service.

You have few enemies. I bless your way of love and grace that puts people at ease. You communicate that the purpose of life is people.  You are a good listener. You are genuine and personal in relationships. You see the best in others.

I bless your desire to invest your life daily, moment by moment, in things that last. But because of your desire to meet needs and please people, you have difficulty saying “no” to competing demands.  You can get overcommitted when you default to meeting people’s needs without asking God.  

I bless you with learning the art of knowing when to serve. God wants to define who you are and help you empower others with responsibility, not enable them. Be free in the Spirit to say a holy righteous “no”, even to some good things, in order to say “yes” to God’s best.

I bless you for being totally trustworthy and working very hard. You exemplify a life well-lived. Nothing higher can be said then that you love, live for, and give yourself to the right things.

Your strong sense of responsibility tends to attract people who hold their rights and a sense of entitlement. You tend to be exploited by those looking for an enabler. Calling others to grow in character is more important than meeting their immediate needs. I bless you to present your entire being available to God for his purposes, not the agenda of others.

Satan’s only defense against the authority and anointing of your servant gift is to get you to believe the lie that you are nobody. Therefore, you tend to have a battle for self-worth. You may have attracted dishonor, especially in the home.

I bless you to see the value in yourself and believe God’s truth about yourself and your call. Let Jesus impart to your spirit true statements about the honor you are due.  

I bless you with a download from God of personal identity, worth, dignity, and legitimacy that conquers shame, dishonor, and victimization.

I bless you with knowing the honor you have as one who carries the name of Jesus. Your shield of honor is the cross of Jesus. Receive the affirmation of others without finding something to apologize for. Choose to be seen as competent and excellent as you are. God wants people to see who you are as a reflection of his Son Jesus.  You are you, and you are beautiful.  

I bless you to live in humility and love, rejecting dishonor and receiving the honor that Jesus thinks is due you.

I bless you because you see the best in others when no one else does. You minister to the hardest cases, the ones everybody else gives up on.  You treat everybody as if you are entertaining angels unawares. You see in a person, whom others have discarded, the potential for that person to be transformed by God and to be life-giving in their world. You embrace the deeply wounded through their pain. You demonstrate that God is a God of second chances.  

I bless the purity of your motives. You can be trusted and are straight-forward, possessing integrity, truthfulness, and honesty. I honor you for your qualities of purity of heart.

I bless your loyalty to your family. I bless you with God’s purpose, desire, and focus as you minister to them. Ask him to shine his truth on their true needs and your place in meeting them.  

I bless you to have the mind of Christ and healthy boundaries to provide a safe place for people to find their birthright without rescuing them or falling into a savior mentality.  

I bless your passion for family and family restoration, for marriage and parent/child relationships. You have authority in prayer to bring the extended family to restoration. Rise up into new authority for specific restoration in people and generational restoration in families-salvation, deliverance, wholeness.

I bless your anointing to bring people back to joy, but you can become a burden-bearer with worry, anxiety, and false responsibility if you take on other people’s problems. You are a joy-giver, but you are not responsible for the happiness of others.

You are a team player who lies clear parameters and guidelines. I bless your lack of desire to build your own kingdom. You work well with others. You are jealous for God’s honor, and your heart motive is to advance the kingdom of God regardless of the expense to self. It is right for you to not prefer the spotlight.  You don’t pursue fame or steal God’s glory, but ask God to remove from you the label of invisibility. You are irreplaceable and vital to the life of all the gifts and in the body of Christ and the world.

Many leaders have servants around them. You are drawn to leaders and those in authority. You desire to make them successful. You have authority to pray for leaders in all areas. You have great fulfillment in knowing you are a life-giver to those you serve. You desire to empower others to achieve their best. You have a long history of building a platform under others. You have great spiritual authority in prayer to pray for most of the authority structures that God established-marriage, parenting, church, government, and business. God uses your desire for invisibility positively and lets you go into many places under the radar for his prayer assignments.

You are drawn to pray for government. I bless your anointing to pray for governmental authority.  When you live in your authority and pray for the life of God to flow into government, God intends that you see measurable results in transformation on spiritual and social issues.

I bless your desire to pray for life-and-death situations.  You are tenacious in not accepting death as the answer. I bless your authority to pray especially about premature death, in leaders, family, captives, and wounded ones.

You have a particular stewardship in prayer for healing the ecology and cleansing land, air, and water. I bless your authority for the restoration of the environment that has been damaged by the sin of man. You recognize defilement in land and apply the laws of repentance and cleansing. You intuitively bless land in alignment with the purposes of God in creation. Be bold in prayer to put a heavenly stamp on God’s purposed in the earth.

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Oct 03, 2016
This landed
by: Jane

This landed so beautifully in my servant portion. Thank you!!

Oct 02, 2016
Thank you
by: Phyllis

So powerful I really needed this blessing it describes my entire life .Thank you Lord for your word of encouragement and to your servant for posting it

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