Blessing for the Prophet

Prophet, you are a visionary. You are at your finest doing what God created you to do when you are trying to solve problems through discovering principles and applying them. You are called to see new applications and new ways to implement God’s principles in new situations. In many things you are the conception point. You easily do vision-casting to get people, especially leaders, to see the call of God on their life and to embrace pain in order to live in their birthright. You can provide the vision to bring a group of people to possess their birthright. You are fulfilled when you can show a picture of God so real that it takes others to the point of excellence in experiencing all that God can do. I bless this inspirational and transformational quality of your gift.

I bless your passion for excellence in yourself and others, especially leaders. You see the fingerprints of God on the broken and come alongside them to restore. You Celebrate the person can become when liberated from their bondage. Your passion for restoration draws you to brokenness as you see the evil of sin and restorative power of God. You understand the deep damage done to people and to the kingdom when sin is dealt with lightly. You stand in the gap between what is and what could be. You are quick to say this is wrong, but you know how to wisely handle principles of grace, reconciliation, and rebuilding to restore a broken life.

I bless your fierce intentionality and intensity. Let God sanctify that gift of excellence because He is excellent, so that you don't fall into perfectionism.

I bless your need to be alone. God wants time alone with you for intimacy with him. It is important to give him this first – fruits of your time.

It seems that you are called to pay a higher price than other gifts because of your personal disciplines. There are seasons when God seems to be silent in your life. I bless you during the pruning times to build a deeper root system for greater productivity in fruit that remains. In these times God is drawing you up to a higher level. I bless you with making sense of your wilderness experiences, but sometimes you can see it only in hindsight.

I bless your commitment to be abstract truth. You demonstrate a faith based on the principles of God's Word. "God said it. I believe it. This truth will work. Let's go with it." The fear of the Lord is your stock – in-trade. I bless you with keen, sensitive ears to what God desires, because when you hear from Him, you will do it. You often stand like a signpost directing toward the Way, the Truth and the Life to incite others to action, to turn their eyes toward God, and to urge them forward.

You take initiative and enjoy new things. You shift gears quickly, you change from one direction to another. You are active, not passive. Independence is a high value. You are a trailblazer and the pioneer, not a city-dweller. You are a catalyst, not a slow responder. You think outside the box. You hate maintaining the status quo. You know no fear in your basic boldness. You are not intimidated by the unknown or change. I bless your hard work, perseverance, endurance, keeping on keeping on when others would quit. I bless you doing the right thing at great personal cost because it is the right thing to do. I bless your need to have a goal, a reason to live, and an objective. You cannot tolerate having no options. You do not like to be locked into one plan that is not allowed to be improved or changed. You want to make sense out of everything, even unreasonable situations. You don't do well when there is no reason, no point, and no progress toward a positive end. You need the "why". I bless you to let God be God at times when he does not choose to tell you the "why".

I bless you to learn to establish appropriate bridges in relationship without compromising truth in order to get truth accepted by relational people. I bless you with patients with earning the right to speak because of relationship, when you believe that truth speaks for itself. As you are willing to embrace relationship, you will speak, as God wants you to speak in situations.

You tend to see things in black and white, right and wrong. You hate lukewarm, mediocre, and compromise. I bless that intolerance for mediocrity and shades of gray. Let God temper it with viewing others through the blood of Jesus, who was the full of grace and truth. I bless you with the fullness of grace to see beyond win – lose to seek out win – win responses and solutions.

I bless your compulsion for honesty, vulnerability, integrity, and transparency. You are verbally expressive and articulate, often the first to speak in a group. You recoil from hidden agendas, manipulation, and deception. You have keen discernment to quickly assess and evaluate people and situations. You can spot rebels and phonies, especially in leadership. Your first impression is right nine times out of ten. You do not tolerate rebellion, hypocrisy, and denial. You process quickly and have an opinion on everything. Give that discernment to God and ask him what he wants to do with it. I bless you to let God add his measure of grace so that your discernment does not turn to judgment, criticism, and bitterness.

You can build, not just criticize. You can identify a problem, embrace it, and apply the right principle to effectively make things right. You always seek right solutions. I bless your God – given sense of justice to be a champion for people to receive everything that God wants for them to have.

You tend to be hard on yourself and are prone to self – condemnation. Your default position is that you messed up or didn't do enough or didn't do it right. I bless you with taking your failures or shortcomings to the throne of grace and there to find mercy in the face of your Father.

I bless your wide range of emotions. You are intense and passionate. Jesus was the essence of joy, but he was called a man of sorrows and spoke with passionate urgency, pity, and anger about religious life in his day. You can experience depression but are also one of the best at celebrating what God has done.

I bless your generosity and loyalty. I bless you with God's wisdom in giving and the bestowing loyalty. I bless you with growth in grace in your major battlefields – alienation, unforgiveness, and bitterness. I bless you to come into alignment with God's purposes, so that there is less struggle between spirit, soul, and body. You are the first – fruits of God's gifts, and I bless you with maturing into God's beautiful full intention. Let him call the expression of your gifts up higher into all that he sees when he looks at you. I bless you with gaining from the Spirit of God a new understanding of who you are as God designed you to be. I bless you in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Sep 19, 2016
Finally Understanding Who I am
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for this blessing. It makes clear why I am the way I am. I always knew that God called me in this gift. I never truly understood the nature of being a prophet until today. I have considered myself so faulty and looked to heal things that now I realise arn't really broken. I am embracing who God created me to be and will let Him work through me in that same way. Thanks again!

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