Blessing for the Mercy

I bless you and honor you for your special place as the most complex and most sensitive of the gifts. You are the crown jewel of God’s creation. The apostle John is the model for your gift, with his intimate and confidential relationship with Jesus.

I bless you for your safety for those who are wounded. You tend to attract people who are having mental and emotional distress. I bless your initiative toward wounded ones. You know who is feeling rejected, excluded or wounded. People, even strangers, can safely share their pain. You can touch a grieving heart with your quick release of tears.

I bless your deep power of compassion, the most healing of all human emotions. A biblical model for what mercy does is the Good Samaritan, who was sensitive and responsive to the needs of the wounded man when other travelers passed by on the other side. He identified with the man who fell among thieves. He had courage to translate caring into practical action. He did what he did because he was the man that he was.

I bless your loyalty to those you love. You are quick to take up the offenses of family and friends when they are rejected or mistreated. You draw away from those who are insensitive to others.

I bless your ability to sense genuine love. You have a large number of acquaintances and people who enjoy you, but you may have only a few close intimate friends. I bless your need for deep friendships in which there is mutual commitment and closeness. You have great expectations from friendships and can be deeply hurt by disappointments in friends. Jesus is your only Friend who will never disappoint.

I bless the totally different language that you speak, the language of the heart that is sometimes too deep for logic or for words. I bless you as you try to speak the language that your spirit does not have vocabulary for. I bless how you can recognize and capture God’s presence in the ordinary events of everyday life. You see the beauty in the smallest things. You take time to smell the roses and appreciate unplanned moments of goodness. You communicate so much with your eyes, your touch, and your attention. You are frustrated when others don’t understand this. You don’t like people to try to re-engineer you into being something you are not.

I bless your desire for closeness. You measure acceptance by physical closeness and quality time together. You crave intimacy of soul, physical touch, hugs, communication, and contact. God designed you for intimacy in body, soul, and spirit. He will make a way for its holy and righteous expression by his grace.

I bless you with God’s perspective on pain. Without his perspective, you can see no spiritual benefit to pain and suffering. When you avoid pain, the discipline of God may be wasted, because he builds righteousness and maturity through the discipline of pain. You may react to God’s purposes in allowing people to suffer, and you want to remove the cause of pain quickly. I bless you to keep your eye on the joy set before you: to share in his holiness, a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who are trained by discipline, by pain, by struggle.

I bless you to turn to God for comfort when you are hurting. You can be sensitive, easily inured by the words and actions of others. You have a hard time healing from injury and processing and expressing what you are feeling. Others say to you, “Just get over it.” This lack of understanding can cause you to withdraw and shut down. I bless you to pursue God of all comfort and Father of mercies, who will move into the pain and minister life where healing is needed.

I bless you with healthy, God-ordained boundaries. You can become a burden-bearer for burdens God does not intend you to bear, if you absorb pain from people who want to dump their pain on you. You don’t have to absorb everybody’s burdens. Jesus daily bears your burdens. His yoke is easy, and his burden is light (Matthew 11:29-30). Trust him to help you process emotions. I bless you to breathe deeper, live more freely, and connect more with people and God as you refuse to carry unholy burdens.

I bless your decision-making processes. You tend to be slow to make transitions based on emotional processing. It’s not wrong; it’s uniquely you. You do not like change; you require longer to disengage emotionally and re-engage in the next thing. I bless you as you let God take you through this process in his time.

I bless your ability to experience life differently. God wired you to operate intuitively. You feel the heart of God and make significant decisions based on your heart. That is your God-given appropriate language. I bless you for connecting with your heart and putting the other gifts in touch with processing that is spirit to spirit. You hear from God but have difficulty explaining the “why.” The first six gifts typically hear God with their mind in a linear, logical way, but you hear and understand God with your spirit before your mind can explain what your spirit heard. I bless you to be free to say, “I don’t know how I know. I just know. I don’t have words.”

I bless you to represent God in tough love. You hate to confront anybody. You may find it hard to be firm and decisive because you don’t want to offend. You tend to avoid decisions and firmness until not deciding will cause greater hurt. When you are operating below the maximum of your gifting, you may bless what is broken or even sinful. An enabler will sympathize with those who violate God’s standards to preserve the feelings of others. I bless your design by God to be absorbed in his holiness so that there is no way to enable brokenness or sinfulness.

You do not like to take sides or choose between two people. You may be seen as indecisive, because you do not want to hurt anybody or say they are wrong. Your highest authority will come when you are so aligned with God’s perspective that you can appeal to those in sin and encourage them to come into alignment with God. Your model is Jesus who only did what he saw his Father doing. I bless you as you embrace your responsibility to see that which is clean and complete and aligned with God and bless others to raise the standard.

I bless you to let Father God re-father you and show you who you really are. Let him heal your wounds of earthly fathering and authorities. I bless you to let your heavenly Father establish you in your spirit. I bless you to be deeply fathered by him, until there is no fear, insecurity, or roots of rejection or abandonment, so that you have freedom, wholeness, willingness to risk, inclusion, and belongingness. I bless you to step into your proper place in your heavenly Father, so you can live out your birthright.

Your spirit is not meant to be passive or to allow injustice. I bless you to win the battle against the victim mindset that attracts infirmity, financial devouring, physical abuse, sexual assault, or dishonor. You are a covenant child of the Most High God. You have dignity, honor, authority, and a special place in God’s dominion. I bless you to rise up and live in all that you are in God.

You dislike and avoid warfare until you are pushed into a corner. When you see the pain others suffer, you can be drawn into spiritual warfare as a last resort. You are intended to master the art of worship as warfare. I bless you as you lift up the glory of God, his power, his miracles, and his works, his names, reminding all the heaven, earth and hell that we serve God Most High. That is a radical disruption of the powers of evil around you.

I bless your creativity that raises the water table of the spiritual life of your faith community. You are drawn to the arts that allow you to express your love of God or vent the pain you feel or say visually what you do not have words for. Your sensitive spirit can express prayer, praise, reflection, peace, forgiveness, or reconciliation and connect them with the five senses. You appreciate creative expression and beauty in the spiritual life of the church.

Your spirit knows you are made to worship. You seek the face of God in intimacy. You are called to fulfillment by connecting with the Spirit of God and easily going into his presence to absorb his holiness and glory and bring others there. You can release the holiness of the glory of God into the world, and I bless you as you impart the blessing of presence and alignment to people, land, the environment, and buildings. I bless you to absorb the holiness of God in the holy of holies, and then release the blessing of his holiness and to align that which is crooked or warped.

On the seventh day God aligned, sanctified, and celebrated everything he had already made. You celebrate the rightness of everything God has done and is doing. You know what right alignment is when all the pieces are in their right place. You are right to feel in your spirit that there is something more. I bless your innate knowing that there is another dimension of beauty, excellence, and perfection where everything is so right it resonates in heavenly keys and rhythms. I bless you with moving toward alignment in the spirit realm where the spirit brings out the best of the soul, and the spirit and the soul are releasing the finest of what the body can do. That is your birthright.

I bless you with becoming the guardian of God’s alignment with your blessing of presence. I bless you as God releases you into the fullness of who you were made to be-knowing your Father, blessing others, and releasing holiness to their spirits. You are called to be large-spirited. I bless you with authority and dominion in the community of the spirit. I bless you in the name of the 7-fold Spirit of the true and living God, Amen.

(I do not know the author of these blessings. I have found them on more than one site.)

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