Blessing for the Giver

Giver, God chose you in Christ before the creation of the world to be who you are and to be gifted just as you are.  You are not as out front as some of the other gifts, but they need you.  I bless you to be enriched and enlarged in God’s design of you and to come into alignment with his plans for you.  God loves your gift, and he celebrates the complexity of your life.  I bless you for your diversity.  You have done many things, and yet you would like to do, know how to do, and can do many more things.  You are involved in many projects, interests, and activities.  You are adaptable and flexible.  You do not fit easily into stereotypes or molds.

I bless your nurturing and celebrating your family, your desire to have family comfortable in relationship.  Nurture is a big component of your gift.  It is an expression of nature of God.  I bless you as you release into your family line everything that God has in the gold mine of your inheritance.  You have the God-given calling to weave people together into a relational culture, into a dynamic that is greater than the sum of its parts.  I bless you with representing the heart of the Father who is a God of community.  You represent his desire to create, nurture, and sustain community because you are made in his image. God delights in your desire to be life-giving to the family, to the community of faith, and to the world around you.

I bless your desire, ability, and authority to birth, nurture, and protect new ideas and new things.  The prophet gift needs you for the synergy released when you and the prophet team together in the alignment and timing that God has designed for the two of you.  Receive the way that God made you to contribute to his life in the body of Christ.

I bless your generational worldview.  You are focused on preparing the way for others after you.  God designed you to release generational blessings.  God calls you to bless and to raise blessing to a high level.  You fulfill your birthright when you invoke life-giving generational blessings for your family and community and produce life-giving systems that express God’s design.

I bless your alertness and creativity to see options, opportunities, and possibilities that others miss.  You are opportunistic in seizing the moment.  I bless your success in less than ideal circumstances where all the resources are not available.  I bless you to maximize imperfect environments or skill sets and create something new and lasting, finding the win-win proposition for yourself and others at the same time.

I bless your heart’s desire to see people saved and the kingdom of God expanded as an eternal generational inheritance.  The synergy for the kingdom is complete as you help other gifts bring unbelievers into the kingdom by providing the resources and identifying fruit that is ripe for picking.

I bless you for your independence and how you stand alone.  It is a positive trait when it partners with acknowledging your need of God.  Independence can be very powerful when it is totally surrendered to God and in partnership with him.  Pride in personal competence is a challenging occupational hazard of the giver gift.  I bless you with the ability to overcome the temptation of considering yourself to be self-contained, having the authority, the money, the influence, the resources, and/or the security to do whatever you feel led to do.  I bless you to be vigilant and no to let this strength be corrupted into control, which is a perversion of your gift.

I bless your strong desire to maintain your own uniqueness, but I bless you with understanding the interdependence of the gifts personally and in the community of faith.  Focus on what you have to add to the other gifts with cooperation, partnership, alignment, and synergy that God intends.  Trust God to work in them to accomplish a win-win proposition with all the gifts.

I bless you with understanding and an awareness of where your gift gets tripped up.  I bless you with healing of the wounds that have caused your basic trust to be fractured and caused you to respond out of woundedness.  I bless you to grow into your greatest potential living in the authority and honor of the giver gift.

I bless you to win the battle of gratitude.  God commanded the giver nation of Israel to remember and to celebrate his presence, his works, and his wonders.  I bless you with the desire to celebrate God’s past intervention.  I bless you with the foundation of worship, a lifestyle of looking for and seeing God’s fingerprints on every part of life.  I bless your leading others to recognize the work of God and calling attention to him as he provides big things and little things.

I bless you as a net-worker, bringing people together, persuading and inspiring people to do things that they would not normally do.  Nobody networks like the giver, and you delight in introducing people and building through relationship.  Develop your gift of being intentionally life-giving from your spirit to the spirit of others.

Giver, you are pragmatic and a practical peacemaker.  You are not confrontational by nature.  You are diplomatic, not wanting to offend.  In dealing with people, you get disproportionate return on your effort.  You can work with people who have conflicting views and theologies for the sake of a group or a project.  You relate to a wide range of very different people.  It is as if you are the hub of a wheel, and the spokes radiate out from you.  Without the hub, the wheel could not move forward to accomplish a God-given objective.  I bless your ability in the community of believers to keep the other gifts related and properly focused.

You are careful of your reputation and that of others.  You speak of what is good, righteous, and commendable in other people.  I bless your caring about the reputation of the kingdom and of the bride of Christ.

You resist manipulation of information.  You don’t like to have anything withheld from you.  You have an intuitive sense for what is false.  I bless your gift of discernment in this area.

You usually do the right things, and your acquaintances would say of you that you are a nice person.  I bless you to go deeper with God and deepen your spiritual motivation of holiness, which is pleasing to him.

You find favor in money and resources flowing to you without human explanation or reason.  You find bargains, and people give you discounts.  At times you may find yourself fighting the temptation to use money as a point of security or as a means of gratification, entitlement, reward, or control.  I bless your spirit with the ability to overcome these temptations.

I bless you to give well and wisely where there is the greatest potential for eternal return on your investment.  When your giving is exercised with God’s wisdom, it makes others grateful for God’s generosity, and he gets the credit and the glory.  I bless you with learning how to give in ways that nurture the spirit to form a deeper and richer community.

You tend not to see patterns from the past.  You also tend to rationalize and often to blame.  You resent it when someone confronts you over issues that are more than a week old.  I bless you with the ability to learn from life experiences and see things from God’s perspective.  I bless you with the ability to react with grace when others point out patterns that you do not see.

I bless you with being secure because of your relationship with God.  I bless you with letting God take your faith to new levels.  Sometimes faith is hard for you, because you want to avoid risk, and it may lead to fear and control.  I bless you with winning the battle against control.  It’s not God’s design for you to play it safe and only do the things that you are sure that you can handle.  I bless you with faith that is greater than fear of risk.

Stewardship is the essence of living by faith. You receive resources from God to do what he calls you to do.  God’s standard for the giver is stewardship of all, because everything belongs to him.  The principle of stewardship relates to life, potential, gifts, resources, and relationships.  It extends to long-term life-giving generational changes.  You are meant to establish relationship and invest in generational blessings that you will pass on.  I bless you with being the model of a steward of everything God gives.

I bless you with being settled in who you are in Christ, your identity in him, and your legitimacy as a covenant child of the King of kings, as you partner with him in intimate relationship.

You are meant to interface powerfully with the other gifts.  The community of the gifts needs you to possess your birthright in your unique way.  That is the dignity, honor, and beauty of the God-seeking giver.  You are God’s choice for some significant things.  I bless you with moving into your birthright.

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