Blessing for the Exhorter

Exhorter, God has blessed you with the gift of being a change-agent in your world.  You are inspirational and a great motivator who can inspire others to do exploits for God.  God designed you to long to put him and his glory on a large stage.

You are fun to be around. You are outgoing, intensely people-oriented and relational. I bless your ability to cross every kind of barrier, socially, racially, economically, and religiously. You can relate to everybody wherever they are and strike up a conversation about heart matters, because you are adaptable, accepted by everybody. I bless your ability to never meet a stranger.  You find the key to their heart in a short time. You can relate to the God-shaped vacuum in people. God opens it up to you. I bless you with meeting people where they are and taking them to the next step that God has for them. 

I bless your gift for communication. I bless your words, the urgency and frequency with which you speak. God made you to be verbally expressive, and it is good. I bless you to speak of spirit things, life-giving things. You are called to know God and to make him known. I bless you with magnifying the greatness of God. Ask God to give you his voice that is not hindered by the legitimacy needs of the soul. When you have touched God and are sharing him, other people open up their spirits to your spirit to receive revelation about him. I bless you with maturity and growth, being conformed to Jesus that will keep your gift totally spirit-to-spirit.
You are designed to be relational. I bless your ability to light up a room with your presence. You are energized by being with people. You value face-to-face time. You are inclusive. I bless you for bringing others into your circle of influence without compromising your view of God. I bless you for loving God and loving people and wanting to bring the two together. Your relationships are the vehicle for bringing together people with the reality of God. I bless your skill in creating and sustaining relationships. It is one of your most obvious and easiest strengths, but your deepest strength is how quickly you see truth in the Word of God. You can reveal the nature of God and new facets of God to people who already know a lot about him. 

You easily transition from small talk to relationship to evangelism. You can speak of faith to a pre-Christian so that he receives it in his spirit when his soul is not interested. You can receive people where they are but challenge them practically, simply, and powerfully to see God bigger. You bring great pleasure to Jesus’ heart as you incarnate this portion of himself. 

As Jesus listened to his Father, he led his disciples by relationship, persuasion, time, and attention. You are at your finest when you are listening to your Father like Jesus, as you reach, teach, and lead by influence, persuasion, and consensus.  You can smoothly bring a group of people to a course of action they need to take.  You have a coaching style of leadership.

You are a master of reconciliation over disunity and independent spirits because you can celebrate differences. You are tactful, diplomatic, and approachable. You can smoothly bring a word in an acceptable way. You are an ambassador, a minister, a friend, confidant, listener, affirmer, and counselor. The rest of the body needs your skillset.

You are a visionary. You tend to see a broader picture, the largest number of people.  You can lay a vision for a diverse group.  You are sensitive to the timing and movement of God. You are flexible and quick to see opportunities and change a plan to take advantage of what God is doing at the moment. You are not intimidated by new ideas, new opportunity, new potential, new challenges, or new truth.

Your greatest calling is to know God and to reveal him to others. You are gifted to see God in Scripture. You get so much out of the Word of God with little time and effort.  That is an extraordinary fighting from God-to extract nuggets of truths from the Word. I bless you to go vertical with God, hear from him, and discipline yourself to see him in ways others do not, so that you can point out truths others overlook. Jesus revealed his Father in parables, in lessons from life, and you are marvelous at presenting a story. Your teaching style is narrative and illustrative.  You speak the message of parable to meet people where they are.

People-pleasing is a battle for everybody at times, depending on our wounding and where we get our significance and legitimacy. I bless you to win the battle of people-pleasing in order to know God and possess your birthright. God forced world-changers Moses and Paul to get to know him in a desert season alone, so they could become mighty in spirit in what he called them to do. In prison God gave Paul revelation that people have benefited from for 2000 years, as he authored the majority of the epistles, the theology, the teaching, and practices of the early church. We are the recipients 2000 years later through his exhorter gift. I bless you with getting God’s picture of your God-given abilities of persuasion and leadership and his desire to take you to something that you don’t even dream for yourself right now.

I bless you with living by principle and risking reaction, offense, alienation, or rejection for the truth of God without compromise of soft choices. I bless you with the strength of character, wisdom, and grace to confront what needs to be confronted. Paul the exhorter said, “If I were a slave of men, I would not be a slave of God.” I bless you with freedom from the need to be liked when God leads you to confront. You will be living in God’s highest authority and life-giving anointing when you confront as Jesus did with grace and love. I bless you with placing relationship in its proper place on the altar before God and desiring holiness and obedience to him. The pleasure of the Father is on you when you take the attitude of Jesus toward sin, that it must be dealt with and that he paid the ultimate price to deal with it.

Love and faith and service are markers of the exhorter. You are very busy, function on little sleep, wear many hats, and are involved in many projects. You do an abundance of things and take advantage of many opportunities. That is how God made you. Model your life on how Jesus lived his life.  He said, “I have finished all that you have given me to do.” Do the work that your Father gives you to do, and don’t default into getting your significance from being busy. I bless you to know that your plans are God’s plan. Find out where he is at work and join him. Great synergy and great blessing are released, beyond your natural abilities, when you cooperate with God. Often the good is the greatest hindrance to the best. Don’t settle for an Ishmael, when God wants to give you an Isaac. I bless you to discover the one thing God wants you to do.

I bless you with taking your God-designed dominion over time and timing. I bless you with not being defeated by time, but having responsibility in time issues. That’s who God made you to be. I bless your supernatural design for bringing God’s timing and season’s into reality.  od designed you to know and to mark the seasons of God because you know the mind of God and you are sensitive to his appropriate timing.

I bless you to know the principle of sowing and reaping. I bless you as you righteously respond to pain and see redemptive lessons in personal pain and suffering. “No pain, no gain.”  Paul the exhorter wrote one of the most sublime passages in the Bible in Philippians 3:8-10. That is vintage exhorter. You earn authority that comes through embracing personal pain and suffering, so that God releases your authority in his kingdom.

Go to God and get his perspective on the largeness of your calling. I bless you to use the strengths of your skillset:  confidence, strength, boldness, and commanding presence on all areas of your God-given authority. I bless you with time, ability, resources, and pathway to develop areas of your greatest potential. I bless you with time, ability, resources, and pathway to develop areas of your greatest potential. I bless your call to reveal God in his greatness, his holiness, his perfection. I bless you to be who God made you to be as a reflection of Christ. Continue to be your joyous, extravagant self. Press hard, run fast, pursue the limitless horizon.  I bless you to unleash the Spirit and the Word in the context of community to the glory of God. I bless you to be a reflection of the nature of Christ wherever you go. I bless you in Jesus’ name.

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Oct 10, 2016
exhorter blessings land well
by: lois

nothing pleases me more than to see the Lord touching us uniquely in a splattering of different ways. continue to be blessed, inspired and shine!

Oct 10, 2016
by: Kim Jones

Thank you so much, Arthur. God has been deeply speaking identity into me for the last month, but this is truly the icing on the cake. I feel so seen and so inspired.

Oct 10, 2016
Thank you for this.
by: Heidi

This landed so well and the timing was impeccable. My spirit responded by cheering and strutting like a champion and my soul was weeping with joy and gratitude. I have struggled to embrace the Exhorter calling, although the Father has clearly been working with me on that particular facet. He has brought me to a place and said, Now shine. I am going to print this and carry it with me. Thank you. 💛

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