a blessing for builders

Father, I come to you on behalf of these your people who are builders, who move beyond being consumers, with a passion to become so they can join you in changing the world. I come against the fear of the unknown.

Father, I have high authority there. I have walked that way thousands of times. You have led me into dark strange places where I have had no idea what to do, and you have met me there again and again.

Today I have only a fraction of the fear of the unknown that I used to have and I bring that earned authority to bear on these your people. Wherever they are on their walk, whatever you will send down the pipeline, the next time in the cycle, whatever extreme learning curve they are going to have for their soul, I bless them with the courage to remember who you are rather than be overwhelmed with whom they aren’t.

I bless them with remembering when you were with them, how you walked with them through impossible. I bless them with perspective to see the gifts that you gave them long ago that are sitting in cupboards that have relevance to this situation.

I bless them with light for one step at a time. I bless them above all with joy on the journey as Christ said, for the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, rising above it. I ask for each individual here whether they can see what is on the end or not, that they can have joy in their spirit in knowing they are in the kingdom cycle, receiving, converting and giving back, and that it is right and good no matter how uncomfortable they feel.

Father, let the joy in their spirit transcend the fear in their soul, so they will walk through the fire, uncertainty, the pain, the learning curve and become sons and daughters of the Most High possessing their birthright and savoring the real joy that kingdom builders experience.

Now Father, I ask one more thing today. You are the God of order not confusion. I ask today to sort out two things we need to act on next, clarity and order in our mental files. Push the rest to the back for another day. I ask that our ancient enemy would have no room for confusion or condemnation, but your spirit would highlight the next two steps.

I ask these things for builders, to pursue new tools from your hands. I bless them in Jesus name.

Builders Prayer from Building a Growth Project.

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