I followed along in this series, beginning with a discussion of what a birthright is. The biblical stories that followed were an real eye opener that showed me how I can lose or damage my birthright. I quickly learned that although everyone has a birthright there are only a few that knew what steps to take to proceed toward it. That saddened me. At one point I wanted to scream, ‘Jacob, get your act together!’

But it was not all sad news. There are the strategies given, the how to’s of repairing the damage and the how to’s of making strategic choices in your own life so that you will be continually moving toward the goal of possessing your birthright.

In the Birthright series you will find out the marks and causes of an Alien Birthright. Are there assets that are really liaiblities? What you don’t know what you don’t know requires revelation from God.

So many of the tracks landed profoundly as I worked through each one. Knowing that there would be other times when I would come back and revisit here.

This album is all about having perspective to leverage the life you are living into an even better place.

excerpt from birthright

CD 1.01

Welcome to our new series on our topic of birthright. It is fascinating to me in light of how little and how much there is in scripture. How little in that the term is only used in two passages, how much because it is all thru scripture in terms of the picture.

It is a fascinating problem in our western theology how disproportionate our use of scripture is. For example there are literally hundreds of chapters in scripture that deal with the role of human government , how God decreed how government should function by yet in my entire time in the church, I only heard 3 sermons on the topic of human government from God’s perspective and all three were outside the church.

So we have this huge package of scripture we don’t talk about. Even thought there it is everywhere in scripture there is very little teaching about it.

The concept of birthright is not that quite extreme. There are two passages referred to it and very clearly, yet even though it is all the way thru scripture, there is very little teaching about it now a days.

After the intro I will deal with a series of 14 clips dealing with the reasons why people or nations or groups have lost their birthright, then we will spend sometime learning how to cleanse the junk off your birthright because not all of the problems are our fault some of it is back in the generations.

Where my passion really lies is in how you gain your birthright, because the birthright is a part of a struggle. My definition of birthright is that treasure that God has set aside for you and he has designed you to possess and possessing i t will require an intense battle. You will have to grow up to a significant degree, you will have to fight for something somewhere in order to get that thing.

Whatever it is will significantly enrich your life, will give you exquisite fulfilment based on your unique design, and will do the kingdom of God the greatest good.

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