Birdsong, Heaven's Song

by Joan Westaway

Right in the middle of the pic is the nearly invisible 'blood' moon... no prizes! But the joy of the morning was over the top!

I just had a fun early morning, setting the alarm for around 5.30am to see the red moon eclipse, advertised 5.30 to 6.30am. As we are surrounded by lovely tall trees, I had to drive down the dark night-time road a bit… and there it was! Mars, was shining steady and bright, and the moon a very soft burnished red, fairly low on the horizon. Wasn’t the only one out to watch either, with several cars parked near the new estate that gave a clear view. The street lights brashly intruded, so I drove a bit further into the rural sector… and took an excited wobbly pic or two on my phone. I moved to try for another shot between some other trees as a framework, and it faded into pre-dawn’s soft mist, right before my eyes!

As I’d mourned the loss of the moon to the wintry morning mistiness, with the car window open, I became so acutely aware of the dawn chorus! So glorious it was, an orchestra with every local player in full clear song! And then I was remembering the joy as Arthur Burk recently spoke of all those moisture receptors that God had built into all the leaves, being triggered to open with the sound of early morning birdsong, to gulp down all those nutrients from the atmosphere with the morning dew! His fingerprints all around!

So I continued driving along this country road, window open, enjoying to the fullest the glorious birdsong, keeping an eye towards the west in case the mist cleared. It was now even blurring Mars! So I headed for home.

Bam! The eastern sky was being kissed with gold by this time and, from a vantage point I was able to soak up the enhancing beauty of distant pockets of fog and mist, as they snuggled in and around the city to the north and east! Brisbane at its best for a pic from here! What a gift!

Back in my study I now see the mistiness has risen to soften my window view way up here! The same mist that hid, now an accessory of exquisite beauty in the morning light! Back where I viewed the moon in its soft ruddy glory in the darkness, will also now be so much like the Brigadoon of dreaminess too!

Birdsong, Heaven’s song… may we all be infused with that Joy-song from the King!

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Aug 01, 2018
Heaven's song
by: Ruthie Young

I loved reading this. So poetic and such a beautiful picture painted with your words! made my heart sing!!!

Aug 02, 2018
by: lois

i love the orchestration of it all and the timing! and your weaving it so beautifully together. brilliant, Joan. thank you for sharing this.

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