Being Dangerous

by Sharon

When I first read your notes Lois and read the bit about how long will you struggle emotionally with injustice and hardship before you get to the place of being dangerous, I thought what did I miss and so went back and listen again and realised it was about being just with Him, my heavenly Dad. And it took me back to Saturday night beforehand at being at carols by candle light by myself in a crowd.

As I sat there at the carols i decided to go into Gods wave level and get soaked up in the singing. How blessed were we to have so many Christian Christmas carols. And my heavenly Dad whispered something special to me.

There was so much peace there as I entered into the God wave level, than if I had not but looked around at others with family and friends around..

It gave me the strength that no matter what is happening around me, God has a purpose and a plan for my life that does not depend on others but just what He wants me to do.

And in the last day, I have been thinking there is a couple of people who I can encourage in the Lord. So planing on not being backwards in doing so.

I feel like for the first time I am taking unhinged steps forward.

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Dec 13, 2016
emotional struggles
by: lois

this certainly is a loaded question and one I think we all need to wrestle with. as Jim Wilder states, 'a mark of maturity is how long it takes to get back to joy.' for me practicing being present in the moment is a tool. because I have moments when I set aside to process pain, I do not make it an all day affair if possible. so I liked your Christmas carol story. you were able to engage in the moment. you chose well!

: )

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