An Exhorter?

by Denise

Ok, out of all the gifts, this is the one I think that is safest to say that I am not.

I'm trying to think of "Exhorter types" that I admire and there are a couple, they truly are people people, they care about their tribe deeply and care for them. They are great communicators and love well. They also seem to be easily excitable; like it doesn't take much to throw them into joyful/party mode.

I've known a couple of immature ones that perverted the spotlight. In particular, a young one that swore he was prophet (and calls himself one/has his own YouTube channel), the way he acted grieved my spirit.

I really think he would do better walking in his true design... And letting God be center stage. The thing that makes me think that he isn't a prophet is that I just didn't see the black and white type standard that typify prophets. I think his relationships (and what people think of him) governs his actions more than truth.

Being honest here: I often see exhorters as "engaging in hype", over the top enthusiasm to the point of not tending to trust their authenticity, or seeing their excitability as annoying instead of being a gift of their wiring. I repent for this and ask God for His perspective on the gift.

Blessing on the happy exhorter tribe.

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Aug 28, 2016
so right, Denise
by: lois

it is crazy making how people and the culture, the church and our woundedness (to name a few) makes their imprint on us. how easy it is to loose sight of our true design and being 'foot loose and fancy free' in how we express even the gifting that we are.

i am constantly groaning in prayer here for our release.. God was there first! loving the insights as they come.

shedding more of the grave clothes, the church garments..

do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.

do not allow this world to mold you in its own image. instead, be transformed from the inside out by renewing your mind.

romans 12:2

cool. carry on.

Aug 28, 2016
by: Denise

Yes, I too knew two young people who were exhorters and they would get so upset and frustrated because they didn't understand why everyone couldn't engage with strangers and openly witness. "it's our job as Christians after all".

I didn't know what the answer was back then but I knew them trying to guilt people into doing street evangelism was not ok. Those two got married and are now missionaries in Thailand - where God is using their exhorter gifting to heal and save the lost beautifully.

Jane, thank you for your input as an exhorter. I think it helps when people with the gifting we are talking about chime in, so really, thank you.

Also, thanks for the Todd White reference. Yes, excellent example of a redeemed mature exhorter. I see him as bold but tender - so his approach to strangers is out of such compassion and excitement that it's non-threatening. I love that.

Lois, yes, finding what I'm not will probably be easier than finding what I am. I was told that as I continue my healing journey that more and more of my "true identity" would be evident.

For so many years I was buried in fear and condemnation. I tried to be who I "should" be for every situation and from that I've picked up lots of training in the gift of the persons that were "shoulding" on me.

I had a prophet mentor so I know how to "prophet", or can be a servant - my parents served and it was the life-style of my home growing up.

My mom is giver so we ALL know how to give - (and I really love being generous).

I'm excited to listen to the giver and ruler sections in this group. Giver is safe for me but Ive been pegged as ruler in the past too.

Really, just still looking to God to make clearly evident His design that He has placed in me.

The journey continues.

Aug 28, 2016
by: Sharon

That was so encouraging to hear you say that Exhorter just naturally goes up and prays for people.

I won't be beating myself up anymore for not just naturally doing so....

No I am not a natural exhorter........

Aug 23, 2016
by: lois

i didn't want to get in over my head and talk about the carnal exhorter. sheesh, i have a few problems of my own. however, i can relate.

funny you mentioned Todd White. my exhorter son is a TW follower. we can be out in the mall or eating somewhere and he is gone to pray for someone. the thing is, he does not get why we are not ALL doing this. isn't this what Jesus would do? (to which i reply, 'i'm not Jesus.')

TW and my son are both exhorters! and they make it all look so easy. i am glad for the RG in that we can lean into how God made us and how he wired us without duplicating what someone else is doing.

thank you both for this thread..

Aug 23, 2016
Beware Exhorters...but God
by: Jane

Denise, you are spot on with your comment. A carnal Exhorter can be very annoying when carnal excitability goes into overdrive. Aishhhh as we say in South Africa. Not pretty. But God is gracious, even to Exhorters, who can be pretty (even VERY) messy. And so when we allow God to fill us to overflowing with His Joy, (read ... nuke all the people pleasing, then it looks beautiful in His eyes. Todd White could be a better example of a more redeemed Exhorter. What do you think?

Aug 22, 2016
exhorter tribe
by: lois

a good way to figure out what you are is to identify what you are not. exhorters are the easiest gift to peg.

the weaknesses of any gift as in the case of the exhorter,has its consequences. all of us have our RG strengths and weaknesses. reading about Samuel and his greatness as prophet and downfall as parent was sobering.

i felt more compelled to have compassion for where a person is at but to pray into the areas that are a stumbling block. yes, asking God for His perspective on the gift. good one, to remember. thank you.

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