An Elevator Story

by Liz

For years I have been praying in elevators in this little country of Kuwait - declaring that they are sanctuaries and asking God to meet with people as they go up and down. A Sacred space in the midst of all these living people rushing about.

Yesterday I caught the lift on the Secondary School side and as I did my 2nd-floor journey a snippet of a song came into my head and everything changed. I had got into that space weary and with more than a tinge of self-pity, I came out aware that God was with me - Emmanuel. And that truth has stayed with me. Long may it last.

We can only comfort others with what we ourselves have experienced so I am grateful that I will be able to share this comfort. Amen.

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Sep 21, 2019
great story
by: lois

a story i won't easily forget, Liz. with a touch of the blessing of presence? what a wonderful way for you to get a glimpse of what others are receiving because of your prayers. what an encouragement for us to bring the glory of God to bear in all places. an elevator. staggering, really.

thank you for sharing this, Liz.

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