Among the Gum Trees with Nancy

by Nancy Tucker

my God sightings are everyday as i am intentional about seeing God

my God sightings are everyday as i am intentional about seeing God

Please give a warm welcome to Nancy, a special visitor to sit and chat with us 'among the gum trees'.

Hi, I am Nancy, I am a child of a wonderful Father, I am a mother, daughter, sister and friend, and a noble subject. I am single, I have 3 grown children, (2 sons and a daughter) and I live on the gulf coast! I am an LCDC, licensed chemical dependency counselor, and I work for the LMHA, local mental health authority on MCOT(mobile crisis outreach team) and yes this industry, like many others has too many acronyms to remember or keep track of!!!

Well, I connected with Plumbline through my prayer minister and friend, she was using tools and teachings from Arthur, among other stuff to work with me! The first teaching I did independently was “the victim spirit” what an awakening and healing I got from that. I watched youtube videos for a while, but I had a hard time listening to the older videos of Arthur, even though I was learning a lot! That was several years ago! I recently in the last year began digging into SLG teachings and have landed in a very good place!

I am a Giver after being a couple of other RG’s (hard to peg us sometimes) chameleons that we are! So daily in my work with the homeless, incarcerated, walk-in clinics and on probation or parole finding resources and networking are the life lines of my job, resources find me all the time and networking is just part of me, connecting people to what they need (in an undercover covert kind of way) most of the addictions recovery world is languaged out of AA ( alcoholic anonymous)and that means I can use the name of God, look people in the eye and speak truth! My perfect world is SHOPPING for anything and everything and i get the best deals known to man, un-heard of deals, they just hunt me down!

The most profound life changing teachings to date have been RG’s, Office of Personhood, Healing Womanhood, Nurturing and Blessing your Spirit and in that order, LEGITIMACY has been the biggest key for me through these, fear is gone, TRUST has exponentially sky rocketed! I am dancing mightily before the King right now!

Wow, my God sightings are everyday as I am intentional about seeing God. Big story for me this year! I have been periodically coming to Galveston for the last three years, one day Father just said go to Galveston. I packed a suitcase and on my way found a condo to rent, of course it was off season and I got a steal of a deal with an ocean front balcony! I thought the trips were for R&R and healing, which they have been. I had been unemployed for most of the 3 years, 100’s of resumes etc later and no job, I moved into a much cheaper place and did a little contract work to stay a float. My last visit here in the same condo’s I started with and a new friend from SLG with me, on Saturday, January 20th this year I opened my eyes and spoke the words, “Dear Lord, do you want me to move here?”. Sunday the 21st I went home. Monday got online and applied for a position at Gulf Coast Center and within a couple of hours got a call from them. Within a week I had an interview and a week after the interview was offered 2 positions and I moved here a few weeks after to Galveston and I am immensely in love with this island. He knew I would love it!

My greatest paradigm shift has been that He gave me everything for life and godliness. He put every problem before me and every solution is in me to unpack. I am a problem solver and I had not a clue!!!

My current biggest struggle is being single. I don’t like being single as I believe the majority were created for marriage. For the most part I have been married since I was 18 and I am now 54! I am learning a great deal about myself, the progression of the offices of personhood, and how to establish healthy relationships, which will be an on going life of learning. I am learning how to trust Father on much greater deeper levels through relationship with Him, which has lightened the loneliness and being content with where and who He created me to be! I am learning to let others speak life to me and to be more life giving myself!

I am studying the RG’s and blessing your Spirit with a younger single mom of 2 boys that are 9 & 11. I would like someone to bless our spirits, Nehemiah 11, Zachariah 9, and Amber's mom. I do bless their spirit's and my kid's spirits daily but the more the merrier!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to share a little of me with y’all!

September 2018

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Sep 04, 2018
great story!
by: lois

thank you for sharing your story with us, Nancy. loved how you followed the trail in Galveston! that will stay with me for a long time.

may you continue to unpack your spirit with the confidence and finesse that so suites you.


Sep 05, 2018
by: Anonymous

Thank you Lois, i was honored to share a piece of my story and life with you and sapphire connection, yall have been a great source of inspiration to me! NAT

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