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Jun 08, 2016
Great Testimony!
by: Jordan Gresczyk

I know Alan through Facebook and thoroughly enjoy his posts either about his camping ministry, which I would love to be a part of, or his truths, revelations, and illuminations. We have bounced many things off of each other and love his input and gifting and faith for things like he described in Question 4.

Alan I bless your spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Spirit I bless you with the ability and honor to ever be before the face of your Father to receive instructions, directions, and insight but more so I bless you with being so close to Him that you feel, think, see, hear, and speak as He feels, thinks, sees, hears, and speaks. Spirit you are one spirit with Him and I bless in Jesus' name!

Jun 08, 2016
by: lois

I was so blessed by this, Alan. What a big spirited man and I sensed it throughout reading this.

~where you have met God you have authority.and you will cause another spirit to know God like you do~

pondering this for you is immense.

i bless you, Alan, with a far outreaching of authority as you have met God and experienced him in a multitude of flavors.

may your spirit cause others to taste and see the goodness of the Lord where they haven't been able to see it before.

may your spirit continue to experience your God in ways in which you haven't and continue to savor the places that you have.

Jun 09, 2016
Thank you
by: Alan Champkins

I'm so blessed by the comments made!!
Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about me and where I am at. I hope and trust God will encourage you to step out in greater ways for His Kingdom.
I look forward to hearing the testimonies. You're welcome to contact me if you want more info, prayers or help.
Many blessings

Jul 15, 2016
by: Jane

Thank you Alan, for sharing your amazing story here. It certainly has encouraged me hugely as I slowly try to allow my spirit to be in charge and grow ever closer to Him. A big spirited Exhorter like you is a treasure in The Kingdom of God!

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