by Dennis Rhodes

For the last hour my wife and I were in an intense time of prayer. The Lord was shining light on areas of darkness and controlling iniquities in my spirit that I inherited from my forefathers and also in the womb.One thing was this curse of always being an outsider. Always feeling like any community I am in rejects me, whether a town,a business, a team,a church and my family. I am 54 and have always felt marginalised and ended up out on the edge all the time.
Always reaching for a new slant on a teaching which only ever marginalises me more and ostracises me from others.

Traced it to Freemasonry oaths being kept secret from family, wife and all.
Now just came to the computer and found Lois inviting me into a community. Made me weep for joy.

I believe that this coming year is going to be so awesome! Since discovering Arthur Burk's teaching about a month back so many areas of stagnation and "stuckness" have begun to give way to a new authority and sense of God being Father and actually walking with me as if He is pleased with me.(sounds silly I know)

My life like so many has been a mess, even since coming to Jesus at age 28. Wandering around like a vagabond, wearing spirit labels, being driven by iniquities and things I could not discern in me....even though I seem to have been given so much.

I have no job, we are in debt. We have not fellowshiped in 5 years anywhere. I have no friends, not one.No one encourages me in the flesh..could go on and on...Even attempted suicide twice in the last 5 years.But God!! But God!! He just will not let me go.

I am called to restore others. Me the mess restore others. When I hear Arthur speak about you may be able be a lone ranger and fulfil your birthright...I think of me...but then he says if you want to impact communities you need to be in a team of people...I always squirm. Roots of Rejection have had a firm grip in me for so long I had begun to think I would die without ever fulfilling my birthright.
Despair, hopelessness, worthlessness, etc etc...all have been my daily companions.

I think it is time to change my friends and get among some people who have hope!

Love to you all here.

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for Amazing
by: Fran Dunlap

Fran Dunlap Jesus didn't reject u at the cross - nor when u called out to Him to be your Savior. All heaven rejoiced with the Father when u did that. I would be asking Father to open my spiritual eyes to see the legions of angels surrounding and protecting me (Ps 91), then asking to put in my path all those He has appointed for this season of revelation and friendship! U have never been alone!!

for Dennis
by: Ruth

Dear Dennis,

I am in awe of what God is doing in your life. Praise His Name! I too have been adversely affected by my Grandfather's involvement in Freemasonry. It is indeed a satanic curse on families. Keep going with prayer for it, as it has many tentacles, and once will not be enough.
Can I suggest you look for and join a church that offers Healing Prayer Ministry? I have been greatly blessed by experienced, Holy Spirit folk praying with me.

May God bless you as you press into Him.

by: Dennis Rhodes

Thank you everyone for your words of blessing!

You are not alone
by: Jordan Gresczyk

Jordan Gresczyk You are not alone as I and my wife struggle with the same things. God is restoring you to dignity and personhood!

by: Heidi Mull

Heidi Mull He won't ever let you go; grow weary of you; give up on you or walk away. You are His. He loves you with a complete love that is incomprehensible. On the dark days when you are crawling around on the ground and the days when you can stand upright, I bless with a knowing, that is beyond reason , that you are the Fathers rare and rich treasure. Prized and precious. Full of purpose and potential. Carry on, then.

Blessing you in your journey
by: Jane

Likewise, I have come out of a background of Freemasonry, rejection, and loss of community. And also finding Arthur's materials bringing me to breakthrough and growth. As an Exhorter there were also things I had to learn about being alone and in community with God first. I had huge breakthrough by meeting my God as Abba Daddy, and knowing and experiencing His loving words towards me. Gradually the Lord Himself has brought me into community with a number of precious handpicked people (not surprisingly of the SLG Tribe). So I bless you today with hope in your journey. Your breakthrough has indeed started and is well on its way. I bless you with knowing and understanding deep in your spirit your identity in Him, soul and spirit. I bless you with growth in your spirit to wholeness, peace and joy. Above all I bless you with joy that grows from an imperceptible seedling into full grown flowers, bright and beautiful. One of God's bright and beautiful sons, carefully designed for your unique Birthright and callings.

you are amazing
by: lois

Thank you for sharing this, Dennis. I am celebrating with you as God restores the years the locust have eaten for you and your family.

I stand with you. I believe in you for you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings. Isaiah 58:12

blessing you with joy and peace

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