After the Fact

by Janis

Transformational in every aspect. I was amazed at the heavenly attention and audience in the unseen realm. In addition, aside from the fact that you, Arthur, could cast a boatload of demons out while blindfolded in a blizzard with both hands tied behind your back, still, I was in awe of the finesse of earned authority and power in such noble activity. I appreciated the privilege of talking with some of the courageous participants, celebrating their joy and blessing their journeys. I am amazed at how the Lord trusts His children to learn and do this. I was moved by the marriage of power in raw strength coupled with power in deep tenderness, revealing both aspects of the Lord. I felt the passion for freedom, as well as the immense joy, even in seemingly undramatic yet undeniable ways. These were just some of the indescribable blessings and benefits of being there live, including just watching and learning. Even while eating lunch I was moved….. just thought I’d throw that in. I’m so thankful to have been there. Thank you, Arthur, and thank You, Lord. I know the fruit to come will be life-giving and beautiful for countless many.

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