After Dinner Mints

by lois

May you gaze with wonder at the simple yet profound love that surrounds you.

May your focus be the very window you choose to look through to glimpse the face of God.

May it leave upon your spirit an imprint of beauty like an indelible mark to remind you of his love bond that he so freely designed you to have.

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“The waves splash against my face, carrying a message: Welcome, you belong here.”

D. Cooper

and so i sit and let you spray your merriment, like letting me in on some deep-sea secret. because at the end of the day i know it. the belonging that you speak of.

and i close my eyes and let myself be wettened by your welcome words so i will never forget the place you have made for me in your ocean-like heart. the big and vast expanse of it. and i can feel you growing wild within me for adventures not yet known.

i welcome you back with fear and trepidation all its own because the wet and wild sea can never be contained or tamed. i know that now. but i welcome you nonetheless.

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one word to describe Jesus? ‘unhurried.’

i think of Mary who chose to slow down and sit at his feet, even though other’s thought she should be doing something else.

she chose..

allow your heart to beat to the rhythm of God’s grace.

work through your hurt. live from your heart.

let him breathe over you an unhurried spirit that takes the time to discover and explore.

you got this..

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Jan 01, 2020
Slowing down to gaze
by: Joan Westaway

Remembering a poem of childhood "We have no time to stand and stare..."

It was almost a sin to waste time staring... gazing... and 'looking' was so part of my design!

Ridiculed! Scolded! Sort of packed it up as a No-no to be buried!

But these days as I have been unpacking the real me, this old friend of 'gazing' has crept out to have fun! What a joy it is to see God's fingerprints as I gaze at the bits of green and parsley in my struggling garden after I've finished breakfast!

About a month ago, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a few leaves being scratched up... a scrub turkey! In spite of the fact he had overnight scratched a huge mound and would threaten all my back yard soon, I marvelled at his persistent design! Good ending (for me) as he somehow decided my garden was not his!

Then yesterday, just idly gazing, enjoying watching the grass green a bit more after another shower, I saw a bird on my fence! Same shape as a Kookaburra, half the size, and such a glorious blue, with white collar! He was sitting there like a kingfisher... gazing too!

They watch for their dinner so patiently! I stayed so still inside trying to get a pic with my phone! Then he moved to where he was so clear! I hit the video button! What a treasure of a few seconds was captured! Wish I could post it here!

I hadn't seen one of these dainty kingfishers here for so many years! Memories flooded back!

These times of being in the right place at the right time for another hug from God! Like the hug from Jesus as Mary chose to slow down and sit with him.

So I am rejoicing that I have times these days to just sit, gaze and be amazed, stand and stare, be there, to soak up all that time I've been blessed with, and enjoy what God wants to show me!

To be 'unhurried'!

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your passion matters

i bless you, friends, as you savor and celebrate your passion. may you know at a deep level what matters to God and allow him to define your worship. know it is an acceptable act holy and pleasing to him.

may you experience all that delights his heart for this becomes your genuine expression of worship.

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tulip treasure

i bless you with 'in your face' upfront images of beauty and delight to adorn your week.

may the colorful scheme of heaven unfold and lead your path with smiles and laughter.

i bless your going in and coming out. may your path lead you into rest and calm.

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mia's casa

by lois

It’s SPRING in Sydney. After waiting for the proper season and soil preparation she plants flowers- tulips along the pathway of cobbled stones. I watch her dig. How she loves the dirt and tends to every part of the process in a sacred way. I see it etched in the lines of her face, this hidden joy and excitement for what is yet to come. She doesn’t have to say a thing. Her movements, they say it all.

And I watch with anticipation as they slowly poke their heads up from under all that good earth. They have had enough of being buried. It is their time to rise.

And they grow colourfully tall, not all at once and not all uniform. Each with their own expression. I find myself greeting them one by one every day as I walk by.

Well aware that they won’t always be here adorning my walkway in this manner, but I am more than happy to witness them all being here now.

I will remember loving what once was but can’t always be.

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sharing joy

there are so many ways to share joy.

go thru the gate.

make your presence known.

the witness you leave can be the catalyst to help transform your neighbour.

i bless you with the joy that comes from sharing.

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you are here

may we zoom out of our small frame and see the magnitude and immensity of God, with his gazillion different flavors of generosity and kindness to all mankind in which we are included.

you are here.

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he comes

he comes in the way of the morning light.

creeps up onto the deck and into my room in the way of shadows.

he likes to dance on the wall to the beat of the outside wind.

there’s no stopping him.

and so he comes.

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to all the roses

“O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted..I have not forgotten you.

“O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted..I have not forgotten you.

i took this photo almost a year ago today. i was so distraught and wondering how to go on.

and there it was. washed up on the shore. just like i felt. a thing of such beauty tossed away. no one seeing its worth.

the verse in Isaiah came to me immediately.

“O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted.." Isaiah 54:11

who in me needs to hear this? and how many more layers down?

i wept at the knowing of how much he has wanted to care for me and how i have pushed him away. too painful to be cared for now.

little by little i let him in. and others.

he is waiting. he is here. with healing in his wings he comes. a balm. a shelter in the storm.

i am so glad to be with you, in this together.

October 2019

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