A word on structures

by Helen

I love the categories Arthur has fleshed out here. It is a breath of fresh air when compared to some types of leadership that are in place. (thank you, God)

Many have left the church because of abusive leadership. It is time for those wounds to be healed and for us to believe for a new crop of Fathering.

I was very excited exploring this CD. I enjoyed and was encouraged by the stories (especially the lactation specialist- the virus) and one day will have one of my own.

thank you thank you...

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Dec 09, 2016
by: Sharon

Hey Helen

It has only been earlier this year that i finally said yes to God and stopped going to church. and with that God has started to heal me from not just the church leaderships but the church body itself.

I was one of them totally broken people and they just put me in a box of too hard. But God didn't :):):)

Not to say that I was not at fault and could of done things better.

I think I was struggling to leave mostly because of the company of the people. Oh and I love worshiping with others.

Dec 07, 2016
aha moments
by: lois

i too was encouraged by this cd. the languaging of the categories was a real eye opener. i remember Arthur saying something to the effect of we can already be about doing something already but when it is languaged it gives dignity and more intentionality. i think many of us will see ourselves in one of these categories and have an 'aha' moment. ya think?

ps I will look forward to hearing your story.

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