a beginning

Chapter two, A beginning, is a real eye opener, as Megan continues to give us more language for the disconnect we previously read about. 

In the beginning, God. I wanted to start there because it is pivital to any success we might have on our healing journey. To be able to say at any point along the way, God is with me, is key for me. 

Let's jump in, shall we..

For Megan, we see the tension of ignoring a problem that wouldn't go away and getting serious and willing to take stock of her inner world. It usually takes a bad turn of events to get our attention, and like Megan, this is certainly true of my life.

I appreciate the acknowledgement throughout of her God moments. Let's look at one of them here.

The word picture of a Connect the Dots puzzle enabled her to see in such a way that now her whole life was beginning to make sense. I call that one big GOD moment, don't you?

"I am like a Connect-the-Dots picture without the line!"

The missing line was time, which she was disconnected from. Without this line, the dots of her life were floating in space having lost their collective shape and their connectedness to everything else.

If the line is time, how exactly do we disconnect from it??

Her main discovery was this: It is on the level of the emotions that we disconnect from time.

All human history rides on the flow of time which is active and moving. Every single experience of our lives is recorded in this flow of time. It flows in and through us and carries us forward. Whether we realize it or not, we have a huge connection to the concept of time. God created this essential reality to form the framework of  our universe.

Having said that, our emotional REACTION to what happens in the flow of time matters a lot. This becomes the determining factor then of how connected or disconnected we are to time.

Here are some questions posed that we need to ask as we move forward:

  • Think about the myriad of experiences we have had that flow to us through time. Do we accept or reject these experiences?
  • Are our emotions at war or peace with the events of our own timeline?
  • How do we process these painful events in our life? Do we accept or push them away?

To many of us, the answers are obvious. How to process your pain well was never taught growing up. And because our emotional reaction to the events in our life matters immensely, we need to give this some serious consideration.

Fear keeps us from going where the pain is but the more we distance our selves from that emotion the more disconnected we become. It might not seem like a big deal to push away an unwanted painful event in our life. In some cases it might seem like the right thing to do. But in looking back, all of the ripples of emotional instability were the result of disconnecting. 

It is time to reframe the way we approach things. We have been given by God the freedom and the responsibility  to choose how we react in a situation that we don't like in life. We get to decide what that reaction will be.

questions to explore

I am always challenged to stop and consider the awe factor. Can we do that throughout this study? Can we hit the pause button right now and savor the God who formed each one of us, crafted us in his image and strategically put us on a timeline of his choosing. Can we say, ' We are here for a reason. He rejoices over us. Can we write over our own history, 'God was there first!'

After reading the second chapter, A Beginning, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? What resonated in this chapter for you?

Have you found an environment that is safe to explore, experiment and blunder around in the dark? What does that look like for you?

What does taking stock of your inner world look like? 

Have you a God orchestrated moment that you would like to share?

Do you have your own illustration of being emotionally disconnected from time?

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Chapter 2 
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