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Sapphire-Connect, Issue #001 discovering a bigger view of GOD
June 02, 2015



Welcome to the June Issue of Sapphire-Connect Newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD. I begin with an apology for the delay in getting this out; digging out from another move and the like.

Thank you for your patience. Now...

in this issue:

• new releases and free audio from the recent Europe seminars

• 2015 events in the pike

• window of reconciliation-June

• inspirational poetry and quotes

Personal Victory

The first album from the Europe seminars has been released. It included the first fruits teaching on the offices of personhood, son/daughter, man/woman and husband wife.

Rarely is our personal victory uniform across the board. We grow in some areas and fail in others. Sometimes we fail because we are blocked,and sometimes we fail because we lack a key resource.

Two of the common blockages are defiled time and land. When something bad has happened to us, or we have sinned grievously, we can remain stuck to that land and the people on that land.

On the other side, if we have not been put in the office of personhood as a young child, we will not be able to progress into the offices of son, man, husband or any ministry offices.

Time and land can both become sticky and hold you back from progress. Lack of being put in the office of personhood can prevent you from going into all other offices you need.

This album provides tools for resolving each of these issues.

for the CD album

Free Audio

•Barrenness vs. Fruitfulness

Find out what causes barrenness as you follow the story of Jacob and David. Who got it, who didn’t and why. Find out the cure.

•Growing into Sonship

In this teaching we look at the question of the human spirit vs the Holy Spirit. What is the roles of each? How do we position ourselves in terms of the Holy Spirit?

•The Builder's Miracle

It is ironic that the miracles we beg for the most are the ones least seen in Scripture. But that is a message for another day. We will highlight what it looks like for a highly competent builder to partner with God in the miraculous.

Click on the link Free Audio


Yesterday's message spoke deeply to my spirit. Thank you

Today's message touched my heart,soul and spirit. We,the entire congregation,were so blessed. We thank you and we thank our King. He spoke to us today.

"Difficult times are inevitable. Growth is optional. Most people move personal growth in good times, but there are principles of life that will help you during hard times to grow."

GROWTH is optional - you know, let's do it!


JUNE 2015

June 19-21: Celebrating our Spiritual Heritage Location: Baptist Church Freilassing, Germany AUGUST 2015

August 8: Discernment and Deliverance Location: Lewende Woord Brummeria, Pretoria South Africa


November 28: Walking in Legitimacy Location: Vodacom World - Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

click here for more information and to register

Reconciliation to Land - June

Some time ago, God highlighted the fact that the four change-of-season dates were intense occult festivals because He had imprinted some uncommon righteous dynamics on that time, and the dark side was only perverting what He had placed there.

We mulled over that for a while, poked and prodded, looked for patterns and field tested our hypothesis. At this point we feel that all four days were design for reconciliation and that there is a window of time, extending ten days before and after THE date where there is an uncommon grace of God.

Each window has a different flavor of reconciliation. March 10-30 is for reconciliation with community. June 10-30 is for reconciliation with land. September 10-30 is for reconciliation with God. December 10-30 is for reconciliation with time.

So what about this window which we will be in for twenty days? What do we do differently in this season so as to appropriate the spiritual potential of time?

June 10th is the start of the 20 day window when there is unusual grace for reconciliation to land.

read more by clicking here

Inspirational Poetry

Three in the Morning

When I awoke at three in the morning,this time I asked,

"What is happening? What are you showing me?"

I listened in the silence... and then had to scramble to get the story down!

Three in the Morning

Two hours to the dawning

All is quiet and still

Then across from the hill

Storm bird is calling

Mournfully warning

Not sure of a storm

But hoping

Then back to his moping

Hiding his hope in the dark

Moon’s hiding too

Hidden from view

In the quiet that cloud cover brings

In the silence that sweetly descends

Then just as abruptly ends

With a chortle and a chuckle

From my kookaburra couple

From their post overlooking the park

Discussing the weather

Whether the weather will storm

Cos it’s been so warm

Their chattering fades

As they wait

For the hoped-for cool damp of morn

Joan Westaway © 4/12/2014

Quote of the Day

Life doesn't have to be right for it to be good.

Arthur Burk

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