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sapphire-connect, Issue #021 discovering a bigger view of GOD
October 11, 2016

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

Another great get away trip down the south coast to Kiama. I love experiencing God in different flavors of the ocean. Call it madness, I know. But the coolest part of the trip was learning how to make water kefir. Yup, I was so excited after making my first batch. ok..

now, on to the newsletter

in this issue:

• upcoming events

• product review

• sapphire connection online study group

• among the gum trees

• from the directory

Upcoming Events


Discerning the Spiritual Root October 15, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Follow Up Meeting on Prayer Strategy October 18, Innsbruck, Austria

Strategies for Midwives Part 2 – Spiritual Warfare in the Womb- October 22, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Life After Church - LIVE STREAM, October 30, Anaheim, CA


Follow Up Meeting on Prayer Strategy November 1, Innsbruck, Austria

Foundational Principles: Being an effective Christian in a Dysfunctional Nation November 5, Arlington, TX

Life After Church - LIVE STREAM, November 13, Anaheim, CA

Follow Up Meeting on Prayer Strategy November 22, Innsbruck, Austria


Follow Up Meeting on Prayer Strategy December 13, Innsbruck, Austria

MAY 2017

Deliverance Practicum - Canada, May 6, 2017, Calgary, Alberta


Deliverance Practicum - Anaheim, CA, August 5, 2017, Anaheim, CA

to learn more about this event and register, click here (Canada)

to learn more about this event and register, click here (USA)

to learn more about this event and register, click here (Austria)

to learn more about this event and register, click here (Switzerland)

Developing Discernment

This teaching on developing discernment covers a lot of ground by showing you some basic kinds of discernment and how you can develop the specific kind God gave you. Many of us might feel that  we have little discernment. We need to think again. God has not left us powerless against the wiles of the enemy. What hope is there without discernment? It is a vital component to our spiritual development.

We are all designed by God with discernment  There is no lack, just a matter of unpacking it.

Because our gifts have been overlooked and even ignored, we lose the joy and dominion that God planned us to have through exercising our gifts.

What is this thing we call discernment? It is the spirit's ability to sense what our soul is incapable of knowing. We can no longer disregard our spirit to the trust of our soul. One way this plays out is the shutting down of spiritual discernment as a child. If left to our soul we will not pick up the clues in our children when they are recognizing the realms of the spirit. This teaching is for parents to identify their child's design and partner with God in unpacking it. It is also for adults involved in kingdom work.

There is a wide variety of discernment and God gave each of us what we would need for our own unique journey. How very cool is that? Can you discern the spiritual qualities of land or weather? Perhaps the demonic or the very gifts of God? The over all flavor of this teaching is one of discovery and a restoration of dignity.

I have included here the Cleansing Prayer to close the Psychic Door. This is a powerful class action lawsuit covering the many streams of occult defilement that opens the psychic door.

to read an excerpt from developing discernment, click here

Sapphire Connection Study Group

Are you looking for a place to grow? To be encouraged? A focused group to study and explore more of your design? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the sapphire connection study group may be the place for you.

Some of us learn best in a group setting. We may feel incapable of getting anything done alone behind a desk. If you have ever had a successful classroom environment, then you will know it takes a mix of great resources and interaction with people to keep everyone motivated and achieving good outcomes. Interaction is something I want to explore. I have found more times than not, being around SLG is like drinking from a fire hose! For this reason, I have been trying out different venues and other avenues of networking.

Here is yet another opportunity to support and encourage one another whilst being in the trenches of life, whatever that may look like for you. I have been so blessed to hear so many stories of God at work through the most diverse of ways. I want to high five, hug, laugh, cry and celebrate this wild and whacky tribe and welcome you here.

Life After Church has been more than high profile as of late. I will keep you posted for our starting date. Please do ping me if you are interested.

you are more than welcome to check out our study group

Among the Gum Trees

Please give a warm welcome to Rosemary, a special visitor to sit and chat with us 'among the gum trees'.


I am married to Frank (42 years) with 3 grown up sons, daughters-in-law and 4 grandchildren, aged 10 months to 3 years. I live in Toowoomba, Qld., too far from my kids who are all in the Hunter Valley!

I first connected with SLG when I asked a friend ‘do I have kick me written on my forehead?’ and she answered, ‘well, yes actually!’ she then shared the teaching on the Victim Spirit and introduced me to Blessing Your Spirit.

I am redemptive gift of Mercy … married to a RG of Prophet! Ouch! Life is rarely comfortable and I even exasperate myself with my inability to make a snap decision!

All the SLG teachings have made significant impact on my life but I thing Blessing Your Spirit and Redemptive Gifts have been my ‘go to’ teachings on a daily basis, as I use those to be more aware of my interactions with others and if I have no other strategy, just to bless, bless, bless. One of my favourite teachings to listen to is The Majesty of His Artistry, it just warms and comforts my spirit.

I think I am more relaxed about life generally..

read more of Rosemary's interview by clicking here

Don't forget to pray for Rosemary or leave a blessing.

Health Coaching by Design

Elaine is a dear friend of the Sapphire tribe. She and Arthur met about 16 years ago and have wandered far together. She and Paul have raised the bar for ministering to babies in the womb. They have implemented so many different principles and touched a lot of lives. Elaine is currently runs her own health care business, combining nutrition for the body with healing from the spirit.

"Suppose you have a healing service and ten blind people come forward. Five are healed and five not. "Don't develop a theology of failure to explain the five that didn't get healed. Just schedule another healing service and you will get another one or two."

"Don't develop a theology of failure . . . "

Very important for some who shoots for the stars so often and sometimes can't even get as far as the smog.

So take a deep breath. You have come to a safe place to get help and work through whatever health issue is holding you back from the life you desperately want. No matter how bad things seem in this moment, the next moment is your chance to stand up and experience Vitality and Health!

No more stubborn weight gain, no more insomnia, no more brain fog and no more over-eating. We will help you reboot your metabolism and zest for life with our joy-filled, innovative coaching.

At Health Coaching by Design, we provide comprehensive individual and corporate wellness programs. Customized personal plans help you recapture youthful vigor and create an abundant, joyful lifestyle. 

Stop living by Default – We can help you live by Design.

read more here

Ways To Connect

There are a variety of ways to contribute to this newsletter.

Do you have an encouraging story, something to celebrate? A comment or perhaps would like to get on the 'Among the Gum Trees' interview list?

Just reply to this email.

We value your time and input.

A big thank you to all contributions for this newsletter. Honored to include you here.

Especially to you, Rosemary, for taking the time to be counted!

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Until next time...

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