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sapphire-connect, Issue #019 discovering a bigger view of GOD
August 09, 2016

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

We at sapphire connection have started our first study group on 'The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals.' Just getting our feet wet really, but so enjoying the ride.

now, on to the newsletter...

in this issue:

• upcoming events

• avenues of prayer

• sapphire connection online study group

• among the gum trees

• from the directory

Upcoming Events


Life After Church- August 13th, Burlington,Ontario

Life After Church-August 27th, Anaheim, CA


Identifying the Trends - LIVE STREAM, September 10 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM | Anaheim,CA

Developing A Prayer Strategy- September 17, Innsbruck, Austria

Deliverance and Healing Diagnostics- September 24th, Vienna, Austria


Healing from Abandonment Practicum- October 1, Anaheim, CA

Discerning the Spiritual Root- October 15, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Strategies for Midwives Part 2 – Spiritual Warfare in the Womb- October 22, St. Gallen, Switzerland

MAY 2017

Deliverance Practicum - Canada, May 6, 2017, Calgary, Alberta


Deliverance Practicum - Anaheim, CA, August 5, 2017, Anaheim, CA

to learn more about this event and register, click here (Canada)
to learn more about this event and register, click here (USA)
to learn more about this event and register, click here (Austria)
to learn more about this event and register, click here (Switzerland)

Avenues of Prayer

(photo by Serina Fleck)

If you are interested in investing your time in a kingdom way, consider the following.

Praying for Innsbruck -

Developing A Prayer Strategy, is an upcoming event being held on 17th of September. This will be Serina’s first big event in the city of Innsbruck.

There is a prayer strategy posted daily on Arthur’s Twitter account- @SLGArthur. I am also including the posts on my website if you would like to jump in at any time and comment, speak out a prayer, get involved as you feel moved. Wounded visionaries in the city are the target group. There are many people who have come there with big vision to do ministry, or attend the university, perhaps become part of the medical community, or participate in the sports scene, or simply to live big.

Some have soared but others have had their identity bruised badly in the loss of their dream.

The SLG specialty is beautifully language like this: repairing brokenness and restoring people into the calling that flows from their design. With that in mind, we will be seeking out this group who are not seeking us at all.

LAC Blessings: Hanna - this was announced on the live stream video this week, Life After Church. The backstory to this and the subsequent prayer targets, you will find in the SLG newsletter.

'The war against the spirit of Moab is well under way. The stronghold has been breached and the enemy is yielding ground. This week our focus will primarily be on holding the ground after the victory, but let’s start with one more hard push to take the battle over the top.

There are two classes of people who have high earned authority. First are those who, like Hanna, have long walked in the blessing of Esther, investing their lives in helping others who are not their direct responsibility.

Second, there are those who used to be under the Moabite curse, but found the courage and strength to break out. If you have experienced God building a platform under you with no man’s hands assisting, then you can lean in hard on this one.'

The SLG tribe did an amazing job of transforming the Practicums Seminar with prayer. I was a part of that and was extremely blessed in participating. I look with excitement at these next two events and am honored to be a part of it in this way.

Hana's story..

praying for Innsbruck

Sapphire Connection Study Group

The plan of this study group is to focus on one of Arthur's teaching albums, (The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals), by listening to one CD a week. We will then apply, field test and come together to share our findings with the group. I will be posting an overview of the material, and a few prompts, to help us focus and for a start-up each week.

We are presently on CD 3, The Servants Day. Here is a snippet of the overview from our study:



⦁ Like the air, the servant likes to be invisible.

⦁ the primary function of air and water is cleansing. We can see this in the servant gift more so than any other.


• Jehovah-Rapha, ‘The Lord who heals’. Exodus 15:26

• This refers to preventative disease from coming on the people of Israel.

• Obedience and a desire to submit to the authority of God comes naturally to the servant.

• God rewards this obedience with wholeness


• The bronze laver provided water for the sacrifices and to cleanse the priests. • This is the value of the servants role in praying for leaders for cleansing and renewal so that they can more freely enter into the presence of God.

The Seven Letters to the Churches In Revelation

• The church of Smyrna in Revelation 2:8-11 says, ‘I know your works, your tribulation and your poverty..’

• We see the picture of the hard work the servant does and God validating them all.

• God entrusts the servant more than any other gift with the highest amount of authority because it is in their heart to use it for kingdom purposes

please feel free to join in on this study

Among the Gum Trees

Please give a warm welcome to Kate, a special visitor to sit and chat with us 'among the gum trees'.


Hello Lois! It is such a delight to meet you among the gum trees! Thank you for the privilege.

I’ve been thinking a lot about your question. “Tell me a bit about yourself” is for me a loaded question.

I grew up without knowing the love of a mother. That has been the fertilizer for much in my life.

My name Katherine Elizabeth means pure one whom God satisfies. In just these last days, I have become reconciled to the fact that my heavenly Father has indeed created me to be exuberant for His life within and around me. I am obsessed with His life, His nature, His goodness and the proof of it in His abundant provision the world over, including the black letters on white page of the old and new testaments. Abundance!!

I have been married to an elegant Mercy man for 17 years. We are still in the process of raising seven children, home educating the youngest six who are fourteen and under. We have five boys, two of whom are twin toddlers. To say we are bursting at the seams with life is indeed true.

I am a lover. I love words, sunshine, fresh water, clean air, pure hearted people, watching seeds bring forth God’s life, babies, children, curious and earnest people, contemplating, writing, music which gives expression to my inner man, fixing problems, asking questions, different cultures, traveling, being in the water, being in motion, learning interesting things, planning for fun stuff (like trips with people I love), stories with ample doses of fathering, partnering with God to create safe places for His life to flourish, and talking. 

Since childhood, I watched with curiosity the business people around me, and very much felt my innards get most excited by entrepreneurial ideas. I survived government schooling and thankfully somehow learned to read and write and type there, always feeling like I was cut out and created for something very different than the systems in which I was reared but having no proof or idea what that was.

My parents divorced by the time I was a year old and my mother was very troubled. I learned to survive in very unlovely circumstances, always watching to see how different people handled life. I grew to have very little respect for ceremony. I went through the motions of life and schooling, not really knowing who I was or what I wanted.

In the past seven years since getting acquainted with SLG, first from a distance and then closer up, I have learned so much and had so many questions answered. As a youth, I often felt I was a nuisance to those who were in charge of my education. I wondered about things like multiple personality disorder as a fourteen year old (as I mentioned my Mum was not well) and mental and emotional disorders plagued my curiosity. With no answers and a myriad of questions, I stumbled into God’s family in my early twenties when the God of Abraham began to speak to me through His word. As He wooed me, I fell fast in love with Him and chased after Him with zealous abandon. He led me into a particular stream within the faith where I learned about the importance of His word and I spent years in deep study enjoying much learning about Him and His ways and caring for very little else...

read more of Kate's interview by clicking here

Don't forget to pray for Kate or leave a blessing.

What is my redemptive gift?

What is my redemptive gift? This is actually the name of a website worth viewing. It is extraordinary in its content and creative in its expression. It explores not only the definitions of each RG but gives you clues and insights to each one. Then to take it just a bit further out there is the fun stuff of identifying the seven gifts in Winnie the Pooh, and Downton Abbey and other TV favorites you might relate to.

In light of our study on The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals, this is a gold mine.

Do check it out..

"I believe that each of us is aware that our own design is unique and special. I also believe that we all want there to be a niche where we fit best, will be the happiest and the most fulfilled. Sometimes people believe if they find this place, fame and fortune follow, but then we see the famous and the wealthy floundering as well, so we know it has to be the deepest desire of our spirit and that it is not easily satisfied with the best world can give.

It is though we know there is a place under the sun where we will prosper and "find" ourselves.

We seem to know, at some level, that if we could dig deep enough, we could discover our unique design, and then we would know how to experience our purpose which could best be expressed by our individual uniqueness. I believe that most people have an instinct that they are designed for a purpose, and they go through life looking for a confirmation.

To find God's confirmation is the most liberating and life giving blessing of all. After all, we have come into alignment with both design and the Designer." Sandy Landry

click here to find out more

why not bless Sandy's website.

Ways To Connect

There are a variety of ways to contribute to this newsletter.

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Especially to you, Kate, for taking the time to be counted!

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