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sapphire-connect, Issue #005 discovering a bigger view of GOD
August 03, 2015

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

If you are suffering with great pains and loss, Jesus says,"Be of good cheer". The new house is nearly ready for you. Moving day is coming. The dark winter is about to be magically transformed into spring. One day soon you will be home for the first time. Until then I encourage you to meditate on the Bible's truths about heaven. May your imagination soar and your heart rejoice. {Randy Alcorn, from Heaven}

Now, onto the newsletter.

in this issue:

• new releases

• upcoming events

• SLG coaching/The Egyptian Curse

• visitor's submission

• welcome SLG Canada

• Arthur on twitter

New Releases

The core of the new technique for healing the damage of SRA is to repair the spirit so the spirit can repair the soul. This album models engaging and healing the human spirit.

This is our second album in the series on SRA/DID. The first workshop gave the overview, and this one looks at how to heal the human spirit. Subsequent teachings will cover the soul and body.

Ministering to the human spirit is no longer an experimental technology. After ten years and tens of thousands of encounters around the world, it is undeniable that this is a powerful tool.

This album is a rich blend of theory and practice as there were many live demonstrations during the workshop. There were real people, on their own journey, not an artificial, rehearsed presentation.

This album is in English with German translation.

Serina offers her products shipped free anywhere.

here is the link for the download

Building a Growth Project:

Good intentions are a vital foundation for change, but it takes skill to actually transform a life. This album helps you customize a plan that takes into account your unique journey.

Ever been to the conference, heard the inspirational speaker, made deep, wholehearted commitments to change, came home and faded in three weeks? Then lived in guilty for having failed to change?

Are you violated your design badly whilst trying to fix you character?

Do you want to learn to understand how you were designed to heal?

Do you want to harness you own healing and growth dynamics, and focus them on character project, staying on task for months, instead of days?

This is not a quick fix for anything. It will still require self-discipline over time. But with these tools, it will be doable for most, rather than being an exercise in futility.

for more information, click here

Upcoming Events


August 5: Onyx DNA of Businesses Location: Lemon Jack Raslouw, Centurion, South Africa

August 8: Discernment and Deliverance Location: Pretoria South Africa

August 9: God, Business, and Politics (Sunday sermon) Location: Pretoria, South Africa

August 22: Office of Personhood Location: Crystal Springs, MS

September 2015

September 2-3: SRA/DID: Repairing the Soul Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria

September 5: Growing in Authority Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria

September 9: Unlocking Scripture Location: School of Healing, Switzerland

September 12: Roadmap to Maturity Location: School of Healing, Switzerland

September 16-19: Social Entrepreneurs' Conference Location: Pretoria, South Africa

October 2015

October 17: Developing Your Discernment Location: Heritage Christian Academy, Calgary

October 24: Shame to Dignity Location: River Rock Vineyard, Belgrade, MT


November 28: Walking in Legitimacy Location: Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

click here for more information and to register

SLG Coaching- the Egyptian Curse

If you have been following along with SLG Coaching, you will know that the speed prayers have been building momentum.

The Egyptian heresy is serving as a slow-down mechanism to the things of God in our life and through a class action law suit, we as Noble Subjects have been standing together against it.

Daily blessings continue and will be kept at seven days a week for a bit longer, then probably drop back to three times a week. A minimum goal to prepare to go to the end of September.

It is certainly not to late to join in and I do encourage you to do so. Our King is worthy of a hard push for three months to dispossess this spirit that has been hampering Kingdom work for a long time, in a lot of areas.

Please seek Him about how you can make room for a vigorous, heart and mind engagement with these prayers.

For the King!

click here for Speed Prayers

Blessings From Proverbs 3 - by Justin

Here is a short verse and blessing I wrote to encourage and reaffirm.

Proverbs 3:6

In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths.

I bless you to be someone who acknowledges God in every moment of your day.

From the moment you wake up till the last thought before you go to sleep, I bless you to be inviting and recognising the presence of God.

I bless you to be someone who explores their relationship with him, finding the ways that you connect and share intimacy with the Almighty.

I bless you to find those moments with him and savor them.

I bless you to be someone who sacrifices their time to read the Bible, to read the words that God is speaking and to grow in your relationship; to grow in your knowledge and to grow in your awe of God.

I bless you in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.


to read other blessings from Justin, click here

Welcome SLG Canada

Welcome to Sapphire Leadership Canada!

We are so glad we are here. We pray that the teachings and resources found on our website will provide you with more tools and help you become more equipped in your daily walk with Jesus.

Our strategic prayer over the next year is that this website is a place where people find revelation. To us, the word revelation comprises many treasures gifted from our heavenly father including hope, understanding, direction, spiritual growth and wisdom.

click here to read more

Arthur on Twitter

You can now follow Arthur on twitter.

Researcher. Writer. Iconoclast. Autodidact. Paradoxical. Polarizing. Obdurate.

Keep up to date with speed prayers, daily blessings-

I bless you, spirit, with richly experiencing the love of God today in your own special key of music that is sweeter than life. Ps. 63:3

and more..

click here for Arthur on Twitter

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